Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School: Part one, Apps for your phone

Hello there darlings! I'm excited to share the first part of my back to school series with you! Today, I'll be sharing some useful apps  for the iPhone that I honestly couldn't live without. Most of these aren't just student oriented, either. I'm a gal that has a lot of things going on: running a small business, running a blog, freelance design & illustration work, two "day" jobs, being a full-time student & attempting some kind of social life. So I use my phone constantly to keep up to date, manage everything, and chat with family and friends. 

Well, duh. We are all aware of my Evernote obsession & like I've said before, I use Evernote for everything. But while I'll have an entire post dedicated to this later in the series, & don't want to give too much away now, I will say that this is perfect for recording, storing & sorting notes for each class. But more on this one later! 
iTunes U
This one is pretty awesome. If you go to a larger school, pretty much everything your professors will give you is on here, listed by school, etc. However, if you're like me and either go to a tiny private school or aren't in school at all, iTunes U is still a brilliant resource for the life-long learners! I personally keep up to date with everything from Small Business Management classes, to Astronomy, Psychology, and like a billion other topics I'm interested in. They have everything from videos, to podcasts, to reading material on there. So lovely! 
Definitely not a life & death kind of app, but this one is great for tracking down places that deliver to you, no matter where you are. & the service is actually completely free & super easy to use! Plus, it helped me find the ever-ellusive great Chinese delivery! And YOU GUYS. That's just awesome. Especially if you're over at a friends house or at your school studying & need some grub. 
This one especially is useful to other folks besides just students. Skitch allows you to communicate your feedback or update or markup or whatever on PDFs & other files. It's kind of hard to explain, but what I personally use this most for is swapping ideas & notes with folks & writing notes ON the document, with helpful little things like color-coded arrows, etc. Just give it a try, it's free & works with Evernote. 
If you're at all like me, you never, ever have a flashdrive with you. They get lost or damaged way too easily & frankly, I have like 50 random ones and never know what files and where. So dropbox is perfect because it stores your files in the cloud. Which, is even more perfect for you phone because I can move all my files back and forth from phone to computer to internet to whatever. I use the free version and haven't needed to upgrade. Just gotta get rid of junk files after a while. 
This one I use all the time for my history & English classes. You can download books (they have a bunch of free ones) and then read anywhere. I often read while waiting in line, at the vet & in the tub. 
I don't personally use this one anymore, but that's because of Evernote. Otherwise, this app is gold. Very easy to use, aethetically appealing & works on any device. Gets the job done. 
Like Wunderlist, this app does quite a bit especially for list-makers. I liked the look of Wunderlist a bit better, but the functions of Any.Do better. 
Probably one of my most used apps ever. Simply because I'm a workaholic and frequently, I sit down to my desk and work through the entire day and into the night and totally don't even notice. I'm horrid at taking breaks & lately, I've even forgotten to eat. So this app just helps me with time managment. You set tasks and times to complete each task & when times up, you move on. But what if you don't finish all those emails in 15 mins? Well, if you don't cross it off, it goes to the bottom of the list & when you're done with everything else, it comes back. That's so awesome! 
Flashcards + & Studyblue
These are two awesome apps to help study. You can link up with other class mates and make flashcards and both apps are just awesome. And I know I'll be using these even more this semester for my history and speech classes. Ah!

Phew! That's a lot. But Napoleon & I hope they help whether you're a student or just someone searching for new helpful apps.  What apps are you using these days?
Be sure to check back in tomorrow for helpful computer apps. & have you entered the giveaway, yet? 


  1. That 30/30 app sounds PERFECT. I've lost track of time to the point of looking up only to discover it's 2am and dear lord, what have I been doing all night? Super helpful apps - thanks! :D

  2. I'm a few years out of college but I got the iTunes U app to check out! I miss going to school and I love to learn so this should be great, thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing these apps! Will definitely check them out. I'm no longer in college but who knows? I might still be able to use some of them for work!

    xo Kisty
    The Style Mermaid


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