Monday, August 12, 2013

Good Morning, Monday!

Good morning, darlings! I hope you had a lovely weekend :3 Mine was pretty productive & I got a ton of work done. I also managed to consume about a dozen of these guys. Not sure if someone already invented them or not, but YOU GUYS. If not, I am gonna call this yummy smoothie Green Goddess and I will be signing autographs later this week. Tehe. But seriously, mix all of that up with your choice of milk (I did skim milk) and you've got a yummy breakfast smoothie, snack smoothie, I-need-something-sweet smoothie. 
Because surprisingly, while this goddess is beautiful, she's also quite sweet and delicious! I  was just experimenting and not really expecting anything wonderful when I made the first one, especially with all that green. You see, I've been trying to eat healthier and add veggies to my diet, because I NEVER eat them, hah. But between the banana, the vanilla whey & the honey, it's so yummy :] 
What other ways have you found for adding veggies in a yummy way to your diet? Any smoothie recipes I should try? 

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  1. Love love love your graphics. I've never tried a smoothie with spinach before. Sounds interesting though!


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