Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grand Opening Sale!

Darlings! It's finally here! I finally got the new shop  open, fully stocked & ready for release! I wasn't a 100% sure towards the end that I'd make the deadline I set up last week, but I did! Yay! But what's even better news? I'm so excited to share my new little shop with you, my loves, that I've made a little discount code for you! Use PrettyPrettyPrincess at checkout & *poof!* 10% goes away! (Valid until August 17th) And since I also magically have scheduled it so as I don't have to work today, all orders placed today (with the exception of IPD & custom illustrations, obviously) will be shipped tomorrow! Double yay! 
I didn't want to show off the entire new shop on the blog today, simply because I want you to be surprised when you go visit ;) but, I did want a few snippets. I uploaded a ton of new products that have never been in the shop before. Things like "Girls Poop Too" & "No Bra, No Pants time!" & wearables & tons more 
Now, I can already see a few questions popping up. 1. I haven't 100% closed the Etsy shop, but I will be slowly doing that over the next few months. Etsy and I, after years of being together, have decided that it's time to see other people. That being said, Storenvy and I are pretty much in love right now. I mean LOOK at the shop! It's never looked so cute! I have an ACTUAL storefront! AH <3 
2. You can still purchase It's Paper Dear in the new shop! Currently, I'm offering the 1 & 3 month options and those can be found easily under the "It's Paper Dear" tab. 
3. Shipping: Darling Dear still ships internationally & domestically. If you're needing faster shipping or tracking, etc. please contact prior to purchase so we can get that all set up for you. 
And I already have forgotten the other one I thought of, heh. But it's super late/early so forgive me. But if you have any questions, please feel free to email: or tweet @ziedarling (faster option) 
So what do you think? Are you any where near as excited about the new shop & new goodies as I am? Do you use Storenvy? Send me links! I want to see ☆ xo.
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  1. Ooh! Such lovely brooches! :)

  2. oh my gosh Zie it looks soooo pretty! I've added your shop to my watch list for now!

  3. Seriously am so excited for your shop lovely! Can't wait for my order to arrive :D <3

  4. Super cute! Everything looks great! So proud.

  5. Congrats Zie! What a cute shop :)

    xx Susie


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