Friday, August 9, 2013

Please Deliver To...

 There's a distinct bit of magic in the pleasure that penpaling brings. Checking the mail box every day. Then, when it comes, carefully tearing it open, devouring the contents & then sitting down to reply. 
 Then either using something you've found or bought that just inspires and moves you or creating the things yourself. Doodling & taping & sticking. Making something you hope they love.
And then, my favorite part: putting on the postage and writing, "please deliver to…" 
What about you, dearlings? Do you penpal? What's your favorite part?  
 photo ziedarlingsign.jpg


  1. Its a little sad, but I really love stamps. I make all my own envelopes and putting the stamp on is like the final piece to the puzzle. x

  2. Super cute mail! And have I mentioned how much I love those "darling dear" stickers? :)

  3. I love sending mail to my penpals and putting it all together so it looks pretty, although not quite as pretty as this one =}


  4. I love sending mail as well, especially because you get to put a part of yourself in every letter. I love the fact that my penpals are all so different, yet I love writing to every single one of them :)


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