Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saturday Morning Vintage

Today I'm so excited to share Saturday Morning Vintage, July's Featured Artist! I'm a huge fan of SMV & so without further delay....
Saturday Morning Vintage is a shop for folks who get giddy over old stamps, can't pass up those classic airmail stripes, and simply love vintage paper.  Whether you scrapbook, create collages, or simply collect ephemera, there is plenty of paper to choose from.  There are collections of stamps, matchbox labels, milk caps, office labels, and airmail envelopes.  And if you can't choose you can always pick up a Paper Pack with a mix of hand chosen papers.  The only decision you have to make is what color you're most drawn to - red, orange & yellow, green, blue, neutral, or a mix of them all.
I spend my Saturday mornings (and often Sunday mornings too!) scouring the flea markets, antique fairs, and estate sales of San DIego for papers to add to my collection.  My collection is sorted by color.  I have a large vintage cabinet with 30 drawers.  Each color gets a few drawers, and all of the tickets, labels, flashcards, and other papers in that color get sorted in those drawers.

I use old boxes, tins, and other containers to hold my paper.  Having all of the papers sorted by color keeps me organized and makes it easy for me to grab a good selection of ephemera for my paper packs.  
If you're a fellow paper lover, check out Saturday Morning Vintage at  I'd love to share my collection with you!
Thanks so much for being a part of It's Paper Dear & Darling Dear this month! You guys should definitely go check her out, she has the best goodies ever! <3 Meanwhile, how do you store your supplies, my dears? 
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  1. Oh wow! That's so cool! I'm headed over there now-thanks for sharing!

  2. I love all those vintage tins for storing things!! Quite brilliant!! xo

  3. Oh, I'm going to check out their site. Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, I store my crafts and paper goods in drawers as well. While I don't organize the papers by color, I do store everything in a bundled group- washi tapes all together, stamps all together, papers in one spot, paint in another. I even dedicated a drawer solely for outgoing mail and cute little trinkets that I don't mind giving to others.


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