Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thick and Fabulous: Modcloth & a Bloody Mary

So today I'm super excited for three reasons. 1. I'M DOING AN OUTFIT POST. It's been a hot minute, hasn't it? I've made excuses for months and months and months. I don't have enough lighting; I don't have anything cute to wear; Nowhere to take pics. Bla bla bla. 
But last night, in the middle of design homework, I suddenly caught a fancy. I may not have the best lighting situation, nor the time to go out during the day to frolic in fields, camera man in tow. But lamp-light will work, right? And I DO have cute things! Especially with all of the shopping I've been doing lately (oops). & Maybe this little "backdrop" isn't 100% finished, but for now, it makes me happy. 
2. My new Modcloth dress I snagged during the 70% off sale! *Swoon* And it's lilac! I'm so surprised to see me in such a shade, as I swore never in a million years--- it usually looks so gross on my skin-tone. The print is darling, but the cut and the fabric is just perfection. & As it's so hot here, the only addition it needed was my sweet-baby belt from Target. Happy day! 
3. (But most importantly, I think.) This silly pic was one of the in-between shots, waiting for the camera to take the next one, but sneaking a sip of my yummy Trader Joe's Bloody Mary <3 & even though, normally, this one would have gotten tossed aside to the bloopers, I ended up liking it the most. Maybe cause I still can't get over how dang lovely that drink was! Tehe :3 
Do you have any silly "blooper" pics that you kinda love? & Are you stopping yourself from doing something fun because of silly excuses? Hope you're well, loves! xo,


  1. Beautiful! "Outtakes" are always the best pictures.

  2. YOU ABSOLUTE BABE I love this dress and the story behind this picture is so sweet! I need to get some new outfit showing off poses - so much of the time it looks forced so this is such a breath of fresh air <3 I really hope you continue to do outfit posts because I love yours!

  3. Lovely dress, I wish it wasn't so expensive to get Modcloth orders to the UK.

  4. You are so adorable! PLEASE do more outfit posts!


  5. I love this outfit!! Your pose is so cute + I love all the vintage loveliness in the background!! :)

  6. Love that dress! Sadly I had spent the last of some birthday credit the week before the sale started...
    I really like how you have some vintage goodness just hanging on your wall. I wish I had the space for that!


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