Monday, August 5, 2013

This Just In: Girls Poop Too

This just in: girls poop too! Wut. Yeah, I know. It's completely shocking. You're sitting there reading this post, completely scandalized. Girls do NOT... poop. What's come over you, Zie, to make you talk about something so unlady-like on your blog? 
Well, about a week ago, a good guy friend of mine sent me a text message complaining about how his girl-friend "farted".  At first, I thought he might be joking, after all, he's done just that in front of me & the rest of public FAR too many times, in my opinion, and hardly even blinked.
Alas, no, not a joke. He was completely upset by the fact that she was unlady-like in front of him. Saying things like, "what next is she going to poop on me?" Yeah, probably. Cause that's the next logical step, right? 
He even was talking about that she shouldn't talk about or even have to do any form of bodily function. It embarrassed and sickened him. Wut. 
And if this had just been my one guy friend, I might have let it go. But I posted my sassy-feelings on twitter & instagram and I actually had men and women alike say that the subject really wasn't something one should talk about. And even before that, I myself have dated guys and had guy friends (even girlfriends!) who are completely upset by the idea, let alone if it just happened! 
So of course, I had to make this little illustration to vent my frustration, right? Right. 
I'm not saying I think we should all walk around loudly announcing the need to use the bathroom publicly, or even "fart" at the dinner table or something like that. But if it happens? If it does come up in conversation? Why should we be made to feel like we are somehow sub-human because of a very human bodily function. That's just silly. 
But yes, once again I'm taking on something that I myself have felt ashamed of. This is just one more thing that comes back to this self-hate or body-hate that I have felt and constantly see from other women. And I say enough. 
Because damnit! Girls poop too!   
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  1. hahaha I love this and I totally agree. it's totally normal, in fact it needs to happen so what is so bad about mentioning it? I don't get it!

  2. Yes! I love this post! 10/10 would recommend!

  3. Hahaha, this is amazing. It just plays into this gross double-standard and subconscious idea that women aren't people to some men, just beautiful accessories and play things. Fuck that nonsense!

    I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who encourages me to be as grossly open with my bodily functions as I please, but I must admit I try to keep it as ~mysterious as possible most of the time. Haha, it's nice to know the support is there, though!

  4. Oh good grief. And wow....

    Love this post, too. It bothers me that it has to exist, but it's a great post and I LOVE that illustration. :D I feel like I should have it, framed, in my bathroom. /Nod.

  5. Yes, i need a framed print of this in my bathroom as well!

  6. Love this. Hubby and I farted in front of each other when we were just DATING - not a big deal for us. My brother on the other hand has been married 6 years and has NEVER farted in front of his wife, or vice versa. LAME...

  7. bahah! seriously?! are there people that think that girls have bodily functions??I think that there are some odd people in this world!! I love this art piece by the way!! xo

  8. The illustration is sooo cute!!! I've never understood why some people get so overly offended by natural bodily functions like farting and pooping.

  9. LOVE! Thank you for talking about it!

  10. WOW! I am so shocked by the comments/reactions you've gotten by saying that on instagram and twitter. I mean come on, seriously? Its a fact of life... that's all.

    Sheesh. lol


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