Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Too Much Inspiration?

I'm writing this post from bed, completely unable to sleep. I didn't have too much caffein.  I didn't sleep in. I didn't  have a nightmare. I just have too much inspiration, I think. 
We all talk about how we have gaps in inspiration and periods where we can't think of anything to write or paint or blog about. We just frequently run out of ideas. So I guess it's a good problem to have, this too much inspiration. But I'll be honest. It's hard balancing inspiration and health and other things. Like jobs or unrelated projects.
I have skipped meals, not because of dieting but because I was so wrapped up in work that I forgot. I sleep less and less. Just too many ideas. I don't want to be around people. Just Napoleon. Simply because I want to work and write and plan and paint and craft. 
It's things like that that make me think that maybe, possibly, perhaps there is such a thing as too much inspiration. 
But what do you guys think? How do you balance it all? Or do you even think there is such a thing as too much inspiration? 

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  1. I think you are on to something. Inspiration breeds more inspiration. Creativity breeds creativity. I went from having nothing to do, to staring my blog and suddenly my days were so filled with things I needed and wanted to do , that I didn't even know what hit me. Funny thing is, only a few of the things have anything to do with blogging! I suddenly have DIY's and cleaning out clutter and reading all the books ever written and personal healing. LOL So much! Top of that list is trying to organize my days so I actually accomplish some of those things. If there is a trick to balancing, I haven't discovered it yet. So yes, there might very well be too much inspiration.

  2. WHERE in the world did you get that ADORABLE planner?! NEED!

  3. Well, if you were my other daughter, I would say you're going through a manic phase. :)
    But I totally agree with the above comment about creativity breeding creativity, et. Usually, if I am stuck just because I am having a creative block, and not stuck because of stress, just pulling out some of my supplies and playing with them gets the ball rolling. Once I start making, the ideas seem to just flow naturally.
    I'm sure, because I know you, that you're sketching and jotting all of those ideas down, for the times when you feel "stuck" again. :)That's what I would recommend if I didn't think you were already doing that.

  4. I am the same! Sometimes all I want to do is spend time on my own and create things. My boyfriend doesn't understand, but my cat does! haha. Lovely blog!

  5. No such thing as too much inspiration! You just have to learn to channel it. Write it all down and make lists and pinterest boards..it always helps me :)


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