Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a book review of science, of history, of monsters

I'm a chicken. Especially when it comes to scary movies. I can't handle them for the most part. I'm not an adrenalin junkie by any means. But, I'm a sucker for "horror" novels. Even more so when that novel comes in the form of a scientific expedition. I quite like those. 
 Now, I think a lot of people think the genre "horror" is the same from books to film, and in my experience that's not quite the case. Most of the "horror" novels I've picked up over the years have been a bit scary, yes. They get your heart going, yes. But they tell you a story and make you not want to put it down because you can't breathe, you can't eat, you can't sleep without knowing what happens next. They are more suspenseful, and not quite so gruesome. Which to me, is exactly what horror movies seem to be any more: just gruesome to be gruesome. They're not quite gore, but close. And that's not something I'm interested in.  & I'm sure that there are horror novels like that, but thus far, I've not found one. 

 This was my first (of many, I'm sure) H.P. Lovecraft novels. I really liked his writing style. It was odd & you go on a journey that tells you the public account of things first, and then the private, darker account after. Which is a bit strange, I think. I'm used to writers who tell you the whole story in one go & leave nothing out. But Lovecraft left you with questions, which I liked. 
And again, I really like the science and historical aspects of it, which, I can't go too into without giving away the plot. But trust me. It's good. 
I'm going to try another Lovecraft as soon as I can. But I've already read two books since this one and I'm quite excited to have started reading so much again. I missed it. 
So send me your recommendations! Especially if they are creepy, science-based, or have a good mystery/plot twist. <3 Also: I wanna start a book club! Who wants to play? 

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  1. My boyfriend was reading some Lovecraft for a while (I think he's gotten bogged down with schoolwork lately, though). And I just started reading Frankenstein, which would probably work for you if you haven't read it, although I'm honestly not far in. Strangely, I haven't read many horror novels, even though I love horror. I agree about movies, too; gruesome ones are almost always ones I skip because they bore me.

  2. ooh! I may have to add a Lovecraft novel to my ever growing list of books and authors to read from.


  3. I LOVE Lovecraft :D I usually go more for his short stories - I am a huge fan of fantasy/horror short stories in general, I feel you get more of a punch when the length of the piece is restricted. Or maybe I just have a short attention span these days.

    I just read your latest post and wanted to say that I hope things are looking sunnier today.

  4. I'm such a chicken as well, but especially if it's video games! No sir, not for me. I haven't read any Lovecraft yet, but I do have some waiting on my bookshelf. Sigh, I'd love to join a book club, but I wouldn't have the time :(


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