Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School: Evernote

School has been back for only a few days & already I'm swamped with projects, assignments, misc. due dates, hundreds (not an exaggeration) of loose papers, two planners, etc. Usually, classes take at least a week, sometimes two to really get going with projects, etc. Not this time. 
So needless to say, I'm enormously overwhelmed and frantically trying to organize everything and keep up with dates, etc. 
And since I was planning on doing a student-based Evernote post anyway, I wanted to share my process on organizing for school. 
First, I create a stack of notebooks, one per class. So I have one "stack" that when opened has five "notebooks" one for my Web Design class, one for Art History, one for Graphic Design 3, one for Speech & one called "for classes" that I make a master list of due dates & class to-do lists. 
Within notebooks are notes. Now notes are exactly what they sound like: little (or not little) pages of either text, images, audio or some combination of the three. For my classes specifically, I can have anywhere from 5-10 notes per class to 100+, simply depending upon the specific class & how much information is given, etc. 
So for instance, for my art history class, I took pics in class, on my evernote phone app of my syllabus & made that it's own note. 
Then I saved any and all resource links he talked about and the pdf of the textbook in a note. & From there, I start a new note for every new topic/lecture we have. 
Now the best part about using Evernote to take notes: no matter how many notes I have, when it comes to studying for the test or referencing old lectures, all I have to do is search. & it will highlight everything regarding my key word, even searching images and attached documents, like pdfs. So my study-time is streamlined. 
Web Clipper
I use the Safari web clipper probably 30 times at least a day. It's my life. And now that classes are back, I use it even more. For instance, in my design classes, I have to have a sketchbook. And normally, most of my sketchbook ends up being clippings of inspiration I've printed or found, leaving little for the actual sketchings. This way though, I have a digital "sketchbook" for each design class where all my inspiration for projects go & then a physical sketchbook for doodles. 
Sharing Information
Evernote is also awesome for swapping notes & collaborating on projects. You can share individual notes or whole notebooks, either via evernote or email. So your partner doesn't have to have evernote, which is helpful. 
I'm a pretty forgetful person. Everyone always comments on how organized I am & how I apparently seem to never forget anything and always know what's going on. Wrong. I forget everything. I seriously will walk out of a class and forget what's due next class immediately. Like no joke. So of course I try and counter that with constantly organizing and reorganizing. But even more helpful are reminders
Evernote, like I've said a million times, was actually created specifically for me & everyone else just uses it. Because they took my need for checklists & smushed it up with a helpful little reminder on my phone, computer & email, if needed. I can pick a specific date if I'd like, or even a specific time & not have to worry about it because Evernote won't forget what I always forget. 

I'm sure there are a million more things I could talk about for how Evernote helps me, both as a student & a business owner. But that's probably enough for now, hah. But let me know if you have any specific questions, either via a comment or email or twitter & I'll try and answer them the best I can. 
Do you Evernote? What could use a bit of organizing in your life? 

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  1. This was super useful! I think I need to make more notebooks so that they get more specific and then organise them in stacks. Also, I need to take advantage of the reminders, I keep forgetting they are there, hah! I forgot if you've already mentioned this, but when you use evernote for work do you make a new notebook for each project?


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