Monday, September 30, 2013


I spent quite a while sitting outside yesterday morning, writing. I've had quite a lot on my mind lately, and I let it spill out until my hand cramped and I had run out of things to say. And when I read back over it, I had written on quite a few different topics. One of which being my future. 
Now, if you read Darling Dear regularly, you know this has been something I've been thinking about quite a bit recently. Especially as I am now in my senior year of college and at that point where it's really something I need to be thinking about. I still flip back and forth daily, if not more frequently then that. But that's the big picture. 
& I found myself focusing on the details yesterday, which was oddly refreshing. I made more lists, long ones, short ones & ones that I'm not quite sure what I was talking about. But I started writing what I wanted my life to look like. 
Things like: sitting on the porch more, humming and doodling; a library with big, fat leather chairs and dark wood everywhere; fresh flowers in window boxes. 

And things like: running an office where people can bike inside & can bring their pets & creativity is a bundle of energy that bursts with the excitement in the air; taking long walks, getting lost and finding secret places; a little apartment with more windows then walls; pretty lace things hanging in those windows. 
Creating a studio environment where I can have interns to share knowledge and experience with, partner(s) to bounce ideas off of, that Napoleon can run around in, banners hanging from the ceiling and tea time daily, as a group. 
I wrote myself into a lovely little day dream and I wish I didn't have to leave it. I'm bored with school and I'm ready for all the adventures that are waiting for me. 
Have you let your self wander into a daydream lately? What's the last daydream that swept you off your feet? & What do you want your life to look like? xo.

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  1. That office sounds like a dream. Can I come partner with you? lol

  2. That sounds like a wonderful dream, the office I slave away in is nothing like that. I'm lucky that we aren't very corporate so I can dress however and I have on occaision brought in my hedgehog to keep me company, but office spaces are stressful. Working so closely with people who want to get ahead of your in the rat race is overwhelming. I hope we both find our dream space soon!


  3. What beautiful lists + dreams!! I hope you have the future you want Zie darling!! You deserve it beauty!! xoxo

  4. I tend to day dream all the time! I love the sound of that workplace too :-)

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  5. Love it all. I tend to do this a lot as well!
    And can I please come and work in your office, it sounds amazing!
    XO Samantha

  6. I love lists, they're so very helpful. I don't know if you've ever heard of them, but whenever I need organization, and a boost, I make a mind map. :) Right now, my main life dream is my wife and I having our own place. If my social security disability is approved, that will most likely happen. <3 We're living with her parents right now. I also want more yoga, meditation, and feeling good and healthy. More time outside, walking, and maybe practicing running. More time working on arts and crafts. There's literally nothing holding me back from those, so I plan on getting started soon! :) May your wishes come true. <3

  7. I love the idea of writing down what I want my life to look like. This post is lovely and inspiring.

  8. I would love to have a toddler friendly office where my son and I can create without worrying about the mess we will inevitably end up making. Thank you for sharing your daydreams with us!


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