Saturday, September 28, 2013

femme fatale & her darling underthings

What to Wear: Boudoir #1

What to Wear: Boudoir #1 by hollycromerphoto featuring a high waist panty
I'm of the opinion that no matter what, you should always feel pretty. No matter your size, your shape, etc. & I also am of the opinion that pretty underthings don't have to be worn for anyone but you. (There's someone screaming "YOU DON'T NEED NO MAN." somewhere in the distance.) So when I say that I just want some pretty, inexpensive plus size underthings, I am quite set on it. I just want to always feel pretty & I cannot even begin to imagine a better way then things similar to those above. 
Which is why eventually, and I'm quite serious at this point, I want to design them. I just don't currently have the time nor the resources to devote to it.  But I've got this romantic notion in my head of doodling out designs, either sewing them myself, or having them sent off & a box comes back with all of my darling designs. & I'd have vintage clothing-racks filling my home with beautifully delicate things for thick and fabulous babes as well as thin and elegant lovelies. How wonderful would that be?
 But in the meantime, I'm constantly on the hunt for inexpensive goodies. And honestly, the best I can find at this point is just at Target (and very limited) for like $20-$30, at least. Do you guys know of any that I've missed? Or a place that I can send my doodles to? Heh. 
& Am I the only one having this struggle of wanting to dress prettier but unable to afford/fit it? xo. 
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  1. I have to tell you, I feel your pain. I really want to dress pretty but all the things I want I just can't afford. And I want a little bit of everything, so it's even harder. So unfortunately I can't really help you out with your problem, but I do understand, I do.

    Avo (

  2. I'm in the same position. Jen and I live on a monthly income from her social security disability, and it's barely before $400. After we pay her parents their rent, and pay our bills, we have about $150-ish left, if that. We both LOVE clothing, however, we also have other hobbies, and not to mention necessities and pet food, so we can't buy clothing as often as we'd like.

  3. Ohmy!! All these underthings are so beautiful!! If you designed clothes/underthings I would def. buy your designs!!! You should sketch up some rough designs to share with us!! :) xoxo


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