Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Paper Dear, an update & reveal

It's been a really long time since I shared anything It's Paper Dear related, and even longer since I updated the website. And what's even crazier... is I totally missed the one-year anniversary of my little subscription box. Wut. How do you even do that? But yes, I'm happy to say that It's Paper Dear is just over a year old now. We made it through a really hard year where I was honestly tempted to throw in the towel a few times. Owning a small business is hard, really hard. & While there is still some struggle, I'm happy to stick with it for another year, and for years after, if possible. 
Now for this reveal, I wanted to talk a bit more on how it's evolving, both shop policies & content. 

Let's talk shop policies first. Now, to those who aren't familiar with It's Paper Dear... it's a little subscription box dedicated to pretty things, paper things, and pretty, paper things. Once a month, I send out a bundle of goodies to your door, & currently am selling a one and three month option. It's $17 a box, not including shipping. I ship world-wide & have been happily sending boxes everywhere from Hollywood & Manhattan to Portland to Dallas, Canada to Mexico, all over Europe & more. I'm oddly proud that my box travels so far :] 
And while I have always tried to ship boxes out the second or third week of the month, that's not always possible. I'm small potatoes. It's just me (and sometimes my mom) making this little baby. And since I moved in May, it's actually impossible. I've tried every month since then to get boxes out earlier, but it ends up ordering & assembly & then shipping don't allow for it. So I'm just going to stop fighting (and stressing) it. From September on, boxes officially go out the last week of the month. That means if you order a "September" box, you'll get the very end of September or the very beginning of October. 
This will give me plenty of time to find/order/collect all of the lovely products for you and give you the very best It's Paper Dear possible! Yay!  :} 

And speaking of products: I'm quite pleased with how It's Paper Dear is evolving. There are two main "paper-packs." The first, and larger of the two, include: stationery bits, journaling slips, decorative papers, and so much more paper goodies for you to art journal, snail mail, project life, smashbook, scrapbook, etc. with. & Then the smaller of the two packs includes things like: stamps, paper pockets, letterpressed objects, labels, bookmarks, etc. All with the same paper-crafting projects in mind. & Of course, a pen, pencil, marker, crayon, etc. & some kind of "embellishment"---this month being vintage matchbooks, because just look at how beautiful they are! (Craft idea: take out the matches & staple in some little papers and make a tiny book!) 
& For anyone who's followed the box since last year, you can see that It's Paper Dear has quite a bit more vintage goodies in it then before. It's not just a vintage box, but there's something beautiful about the smell, feel and design of vintage paper goodies that I just love sharing with you all. 
All in all, I'm quite pleased with this month & can't wait to hear what you think! I'm also thinking about starting back up with the paper-crafting features on Darling Dear. Yay/nay? Are there any specific things you'd like to see? 
Hope you're well! xo. 

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  1. Looks lovely! I love the mix of vintage bits with the modern stationery.
    SO cute.

  2. What an awesome collection! Maybe one day you could do a post on how you gather/collect your paper, I think that'd be so interesting!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  3. PS, I would LOVE to see you do paper crafting posts again. Your smash book and art journal posts were a lot of fun.

  4. I would love to buy one but I am still poor huhu

    xo Kisty The Style Mermaid


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