Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Play in October!

Since last month, when I sort of "relaunched" my blog & began falling in love with blogging again, I'm happy to say that Darling Dear has continued to steadily grow in both playful spirit and cool-kid members. And since last month was such a success (a significant growth in numbers on every platform, yay!),  I've continued with the options & features previously released, as well as kept the lowered the cost on everything. Because I want to play with everyone, no matter their budget!
And sponsoring Darling Dear is still two-parts of awesomeness: 1. You're helping keep all things silly, sassy & glitter-inspired bouncing around on here & 2. We are working together to help promote you, your shop, blog or brand & spread the word on how wonderful & sexy you are! Especially as more than half of the proceeds from sponsorships go towards Darling Dear sponsoring other brands & blogs, all in the hopes of bringing you an even broader spotlight!

So who should advertise with Darling Dear?
Darling Dear is a blog dedicated to crafty/diy goodies, productivity tips/exploration, lifestyle nonsense, illustrations, feminist awesomeness & thick and fabulous, body positive wonders! So if you fit into any of those categories, then of course Darling Dear is the right place for you! But who else? Small businesses, bloggers, sassy folks, and anyone/any brand that thrives on glitter, giggles & all things darling and cute!
Some stats for the statistic-type (as of Sept 17th 2013) : Bloglovin: 156+; GFC: 325+; Instagram: 743+; Twitter: 472+; Tumblr: 512+; Pinterest: 1,066+

How it works:
Purchasing through Passionfruit is super quick & easy! Simply select which ad size you want and Passionfruit will hold our hands as we get our play-date scheduled up!

Once the ad is approved, it will appear in the sidebar and stay for 30 days. Ads rotate with each page reload. Sound simple enough? Awesome! Then let's play!

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