Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Mood: Lists & Living Like a Lady

I'm in a list-writing mood this week. & Already, I have 16 lists going. Hello, Monday. So I thought I'd share some silly lists with you to start off the week, in hopes that you'll share your own lists. 
Monday Playlist: 
End Credits & Exploration (Coraline Soundtrack),F-cking Boyfriend by the Bird and the Bee, Ha Ha by Emiliana Torrini, Holy Holy by Wye Oak, Landfill by Daughter, Not in Blood, but in Bond by Hans Zimmer, Raphael by CocoRosie. 
New Things:
 iOS 7 (love it, by the way), online grocery shopping & pick up from Harris Teeter, glow in the dark stars. 
Old Things:
dear diary// journal (shown above), warm-fuzzy-socks & sweaters finally coming back out, lavender & chamomile before bedtime. 
How to Live Like a Lady by Sarah Tomczak (to which I half like, half hate. Some enormously sexist nonsense, but also, some helpful tips and resources. Quite a contradicting and interesting read.), waiting to read a new horror novel, just waiting on the package. 
Silly Things of Note:
I now own 34 lipsticks, I had three milkshakes this weekend alone, I have talked on the phone for 3 days and 5 hours since I got this phone back in early summer, & I count 46 pink things in my room from where I currently sit. 

But what about you, my dearest ones? What kind of lists do you have? & I'd love to hear one song, one new thing, one old thing, what you're reading & one silly thing of note from each of you! Maybe we can make one reallllyyy long and wonderful list! That'd be swell :] 
Hope you are well, xo. 

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  1. Love this post! I did a happy list from the weekend on my blog :)
    one song - stop the world, I wanna get off with you - arctic monkeys
    one new thing - Im also loving iOS7!
    one old thing - my boyfriend gave me one of his jam jars to collect my change in!
    what you're reading - trying to finish the casual vacancy by jk rowling
    one silly thing of note - my boyfriend and I watched 7 episodes of breaking bad on saturday to finally catch up !

    love your blog! xo

  2. Oh, I just love the music from Coraline and everything about that film. I just bought the audio book on audible because Neil Gaimen narrates it, I highly reccomend it.


  3. I'm currently making a to do list for work (ugh, too long! which is why reading blogs and commenting is such a good idea, haha!) and a wish list on amazon, so not many!

    A song: "Barnacled Warship" by Johnny Flynn
    A new thing: a super soft and warm wool blanket I got for my birthday
    An old thing: an old dress that I never wear because it's a little too short to really feel comfortable in, but that I today found out works really well with pants! ^^
    What I'm reading: A Dance With Dragons, G. R. R. Martin
    Something silly: the first sentence on a random page of the nearest book is: "I dropped the subject by saying, 'Of course I haven't go a job on the stage.'"

  4. I enjoyed your little lists! I am a chronic list maker and always have them floating around my head - my husband on the other hand never makes lists, he just doesn't think that way - I don't get it!

  5. I probably own 34 tubes of chapstick myself xD And hooray for lists! Not quite sure where I stand with iOS7 yet though...

  6. Love your blog! Let's see....

    Music: I've made a sigor ros playlist on iTunes radio?!
    New Thing: Hocus Pocus movie - childhood favorite, I watch it every year.
    Old Thing: umm, umm... my knitted christmas slippers I wear year round!
    Current Read: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
    Silly Thing: I'm preparing for Halloween and Christmas at the same time because, ah, I love it all! Also I'm a huge list maker, I make lists of lists to make. I have a pile of 8 books for when I'm taking a bath and I'm not sure which book to read. I think I'll be having pizza for breakfast tomorrow!

  7. 'How to Live Like a Lady' caught my eye. It makes me feel like I need to get this book! Haha. I don't even feel like I'm a girl haha. Well, maybe not just as girly as a normal girl should be. Hehe.

    And wow for your silly note! 34 lipstick? Haha And 46 pink things. You really love pink! Haha

    I'd love to blog about this list too but not now. Maybe someday when I'm in the mood to write lists. Hehe for now, here's mine:

    One song: I'm stuck with what I last heard, because I don't have any music player right now. Haha That song would be 'Just Give me a Reason'
    One new thing: Can't remember when's the last time I bought something new. I can only remember my backpack. Haha.
    One old thing: My phone. A Nokia 3310 phone. Just how old school is that. Haha.
    What I'm reading: Currently reading The 39 Clues: Storm Warning
    One silly note: My ears are first pierced when I was in junior highschool. I was around 15 years old that time. Haha. I never hard ear piercing until then.


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