Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thick and Fabulous: One Dress, Three Ways

If you follow me on twitter, you know I've had problems finding affordable plus-size (especially vintage & especially night-things!). But recently I was contacted by the lovely Stranger Bird Vintage with the offer of a lovely dress from the shop! So I am super excited to share my very first outfit product review :] And as this is my first product review like this, I wanted to cover all of the topics that I personally look for when trying to figure out if I want to shop a specific shop/brand. 
Packaging & Customer Service: The package was prompt & well constructed to protect the garment. Nothing too over the top in way of design, but came with a sweet hand-written note. Jenny was always very professional, prompt & just a pleasure to work with. 
Fit and Condition of Material: The dress was in fantastic condition, albeit a bit musty when first removed from the bag. However, that went away after leaving to air out on a hanger overnight. There aren't any stains, tears, weak seams, etc. It's a material I'm not used to wearing, simply because normally I think it clings, however the cut prevented any of that. And the pattern! Basically, I adore the dress.
Price & Wearability: Now, obviously this was a gift, so I didn't buy it. But after wearing it, I totally would have bought it. In fact, most of the things it the shop are pretty reasonably priced & since there's something for every size of lady, not just plus, not just skinny, I'm pretty pumped about that.
As for wearability, I wanted to show off the pattern of this darling dress a bit. Before this month, I haven't had new clothes in a really long time, but I get really bored with my clothes pretty quickly. It's a horrid thing, one that can easily lead to a shopping addiction, tehe. But over the summer I really started experimenting with my clothes, trying to love them again. & One thing I started doing was mix & match layers.
Now, this is a dress, so it's perfect for easily making different outfits. I've shown off how I wear this as a skirt, as a blouse & as the dress itself. I'm quite the patriotic gal, but even without that, I really like red & blue together. Especially these shades.
So for the first outfit in the sequence, with the dress as a skirt, I chose a lacy-satin teal blouse & a thick black belt to go with. I was lucky that this dress unbuttoned quite a bit at the top so I could just fold it inside itself and actually wear it as a skirt. Sometimes that doesn't always work, but here it did :] Then I just tucked the shirt into the now-skirt & put on the belt. Now, as this isn't how the dress was meant to be worn, I find that if I don't wear a stretchy-form fitting belt, it falls. But I think this is actually my favorite way of wearing the dress right now. I love the length & the pattern!
For the second outfit, I kept it as a dress & simply added a sweet-baby belt. Easy-peasy. But just the perfect touch to breakup all of that fun, but intense pattern.
For the third, I just slid the blue skirt over the dress, & added the belt. Now my absolute favorite part about this outfit is that when the wind blows or I twirl around a bit, there's a hint of the pattern of the dress peaking out under the skirt. So fun!
With all of that said, I'd give this dress a 5/5 on the wearability scale, it's quite perfect! 
I'm so happy to own this darling dress now & I would very happily recommend The Stranger Bird Vintage. Which, she's actually having a bit of a sale right now, so go take a peak: LABORDAY at checkout for 25% off everything.  

How would you accessorize this dress? Have you ever swapped an outfit around like this? What's your favorite of the three outfits? Hope you are well, darlings! 
This was a gift given for review, however all feelings and thoughts expressed are my own. 


  1. You are so beautiful!! I love how you wore this dress three different ways! they all look so lovely! xo

  2. Super cute dress! I really like it on you as the whole dress! It's cute all 3 ways, and honestly, I never would have thought to do that.
    Love your darling poses. :)

  3. Aaahh, you're such a peach! I think I like the 1st version the best, since it's the most unexpected. What a pretty pattern! I'm really bad at changing up dresses like that. My dresses are longer than my skirts, my tops longer than the waist of the dresses and there's no button-ups ^^ I'll have to try harder, these are great looks!


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