Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Themed Drinks

So far in this mini series, we’ve covered how to pick your Halloween costume and how to plan for your own Halloween party. Now this time, I’d like to talk about two of the drinks we had at my party (which went amazingly well! But more on that later!) & the little things I do to change them up. 
Spiked Apple Cider
For my party, I really wanted to supply some kind of yummy drink and since it’s finally cold here, I wanted to do hot cider. My mom gave me this super easy crockpot recipe that turned out to be the easiest process of getting my party ready, hah. 
But anyway, I have a few friends who are gluten free, some who are alcohol free and some who are just very picky on what they drink. So I didn’t add anything directly to the cider, as I wanted to accommodate everyone. But I did get Fireball whiskey & spiced rum. 
What I wasn’t prepared for was just how popular this drink was going to be. I didn’t even get a cup! But I made them all by adding a shot or half shot to each mug & whichever (if any) liquor they preferred. So while I didn’t get a cup myself, I did try a sip both ways and found that while the Fireball was actually quite nice in it, the spiced rum was heavenly. 
Everyone loved it & I already have requests to make it every year in larger quantities :] 

Blood Mary
For most of the rest of the evening, however, people either brought their own drinks or brought some to share. Though, I’ve been on a huge bloody mary kick the last few months, so of course I made some for myself & boyfriend. Bloody Mary’s have kind of become a signature drink for me, heh, and one that I try nearly everywhere we go. 
Thus far, my favorite at-home-mix (because I’m much too lazy to go through the entire process from scratch) is from Trader Joe’s. Its perfectly bitter and perfectly spiced. Now I do this kinda weird thing with my BMs… I add soda water. I don’t know, to me it just tips it over the edge and gets the consistency that I’m into. Not tomato soup thick, but not super watered down either. 
So I’ll start with about a shot of vodka, then another shot worth of soda water, then ice & then I pour the mix over the top. I know a lot of people shake, but I prefer to stir. I then add as much pepper as I’d like (if I’m not using the TJ’s one, of course.) and I personally love adding pickle okra to them. I know, I know. That sounds so gross. But trust me. It’s perfect. 
Everyone who’s had one like this seems to love them, & lawd knows I do :) 

But those were the yummies that I contributed to the party drink-wise. However, a few people brought October fest beers, jello shots in test tubes & some other goodies like that to share. Over all it was a lovely evening (again, more on that later!) but if you’re not feeling like hot cider or bloody mary’s for your party, there are quite a few other ideas bouncing around for a festive drink or two.
And I would of course be interested in hearing your own festive drink ideas/recipes! I still have one more party to go to this year and would like to bring another party favorite, tehe.  I also want to hear how your Halloween party plans and costume plans are coming! Have fun! xo, 

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