Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Pick Your Halloween Costume

 Last time we talked about how to plan a Halloween party. We tackled some of those incredibly daunting questions like decorations, music, invites, and what kind of party we're going to host. Now, comes the costume. What are you going to wear? 
Even if you're not throwing a Halloween party, you'll still need something. So I tried to cover something for everyone. Couples costumes, quick & easy (or last minute) costumes, & something special for that silly and fabulous gal. :) 
First up, couples costumes. Now, I focused on "couples" as in ideas that my own boyfriend and I toyed with. However, there are so many different ways to do couples costumes. Last year, all of my girlfriends and I went as different Disney princesses! (I was Snow White, tehe.)
But these ones above were just too adorable & I thought we had to talk about them. Alice & the White Rabbit (or Mad Hatter, if you'd like), Mary Poppins & Bert, Mr. & Mrs. Fox, Johnny Cash & June!
My favorite thing about nearly ever costume I chose is the fact that they are all pretty easily made & are composed of things that a lot of us already have in our wardrobes.
I'm a huge fan of not spending a bunch of money on any one costume. I go to two or three different Halloween parties a year & I hate wearing the same thing to any of them. So of course, I don't wanna spend more than $20 on any of them.
For my own party (that's THIS coming Saturday! AH!), Boyfriend & I are going as Wendy Darling & Hook. Because, I'm not a fan of Peter, he's too silly. Tehe. So that's always an idea to get you thinking about your own couple costumes: pick your favorite characters from a film/book/story/etc. and not necessarily the ones that "go together".
For quick & easy, I picked a few ideas that I know I personally could pull out of my closet or grab one/two items tops from Walmart or Target to finish it up. Every year, I usually have one costume completely planned out weeks in advance. It's my "signature" look that year. But like I said before, I go to at least one other party and I don't want to wear the same outfit. So I usually look up characters from books or films I love that I have something in common with. 
I usually have dark brown hair (not anymore, but more on that later!) and I own a lot of things that are vintage inspired, delicate, & I also own a ton of black, heh. So I do a couple google searches & a few Pinterest searches. Then, when I pick a character, I start hardcore searching DIY or cheap ideas for getting the look. 
More often then not, I pick pieces in my closet that are close to what the character wears, but not exact. Because for me, you can make any outfit combo work for your character as long as you highlight the key pieces. For instance, last year one of my other costumes was a witch. 
I wore two different skirts, for volume & textural differences, a black lace top, a thick black belt, black tights, and black boots. 
Now what really made the outfit work was my makeup & I snagged a witch hat from the dollar section at Target. So even if you're on a budget or in a time crunch, you can easily still rock an awesome costume. 
Pro tip: props are great fun, but remember that chances are you'll end up setting it down at one point or another during the night, so don't make your entire costume focus around the prop. 
unicorn princess

unicorn princess by ziedarling 

And now for something special for my silly soul sistas out there. I thought that this would be something fun to share to hopefully inspire those who want to go as a more abstract or mythical idea this year. 
You don't have to go out and buy a costume from Party City or Target or where ever to look the part. You can DIY your idea quite easily. 
So I'm planning on going as a unicorn for my friend's party & instead of getting one of those hoodies with the mane on it & some really ugly fuzzy boots or going to Party City and grabbing an "actual" unicorn costume, I want to make my own. 
Problem is, I'm not the best at sewing. Ok, ok. I'm actually crap at sewing. So with that in mind, I piece together my costumes. And for a unicorn princess, I'm just going to wear anything and everything that is pastel, glittery, shimmery, and flowy. I also want to wear gold accent pieces, because when I think of unicorn princesses, I think of gold, glitter hehe. 
And to top off & complete the look? 
A really silly DIY unicorn horn. :} I might play around with this a bit, as I'd like a horn that's wider at the bottom, but basically the same as this video. 
But what are you thinking of going as this year? Do you buy your costume, make it, or piece it together like I do? I hope these ideas and looks help inspire you this year whether you're hosting your own party or going out! 
Next up on in the mini-series, is Halloween themed drinks! 


  1. This is such a cute + clever post!! I love all the couples outfits!! I hope you take photos of you + your boy as Wendy Darling & Hook!! That sounds adorable!!

    PS I am LOVING the little changes you're making to your blog!! Every time I visit it seems a little something has changed!! I love the header - that deer is so darling and I adore your handwriting! Oh! I love that you now have a profile photo! You're so pretty my dear!

  2. I'm in the process of making a felt wolf mask similar to the fox ones you posted. As for your unicorn horn, apply hot glue to widen your base with a tapering affect toward the tip, then cover it up with the ribbon as the tutorial said, easy! Fun ideas too :)

  3. Loveeee this! Can't wait to see your costume. :) Brannon and I don't really have plans for Halloween yet, so I'm not sure what we'll do. I need to figure it out, we always wait until the day before and then they're lame. lol.

  4. I can't wait to see photos of you and "hook" for Halloween!
    Really cute ideas here. I think we have only dressed in a couple's costume once. (I don't remember more than once, anyway. Ha)
    Hope all of your party prep is going well.


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