Friday, October 25, 2013

Mischief & The Jazz Singer

I've been wanting to explore different styles of illustration recently. My own has evolved so much over the years but I like being able to play with different styles and genres of illustration now and again. 
So the other day I sat down to doodle out something new. I used this fabulous post that continually inspires me as a reference and made myself think of the shapes and forms in a slightly more dimensional way then I normally do with my digital illustrations. 
I tried to be more "painterly" in my process, building colors and such as I would when I paint with watercolor and gouache. It was pretty fun, though a bit difficult. Especially the skin. I love painting digitally because you can undo or start over as you'd like. There's a certain level of stress that is removed with digital painting. It's fun.
 Now this is where I mention that for this specific illustration, I was also testing out this product I stumbled on this weekend,  Mischief.
There's a really helpful review from an artist who started using it, that explains exactly what's going on & some of the pros// cons to the program, so I won't go into detail. But I do know that her review is a tiny bit dated, as the product is now a lot cheaper then it was. 
But anyway, I just loved working at such a detailed level. I especially liked playing with the eyes. I wish there was a way to paint like this on paper, heh. And for the first time probably ever I did tiny little eyebrow hairs, tehe! That sounds like a silly thing to get excited about but it was just so bizarre to add that detail. 
This was just a fun little adventure into a different style of illustration for me & one that I hopefully will be able to visit more frequently. 
What do you think? Do you try different things within your own thing, whether that be illustration, writing, knitting, baking, etc.? 
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  1. Oh God, this is seriously pretty. :) I love the hair and eyes details. :) I wish I can also draw and pain!


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