Monday, October 14, 2013

Planning a Halloween Party

This year, you've decided you want to throw your own Halloween party. Maybe your friend's party last year wasn't your cup of tea. Or maybe you hosted one yourself & it didn't turn out quite like you wanted it to. Or maybe, you didn't get to go to one last year. No matter the reason, this year, you're going to host the best Halloween party in town! 
So first thing's first. What kind of Halloween party are you going to have? A scary and gothic ball? A fun and silly dance party? A dinner & and game night? 
I personally am hosting the dinner & game night this year. I've decided to have it the Saturday before Halloween, as most of my friends are still the type who like to go to more wild events for Halloween. 
We are going to have a potluck style dinner, some lovely beverages, music & silly games. It promises to be quite a lovely night. 
That's great, Zie. But you've been planning forever & I haven't even started. I really don't have time to plan for something like that. Wrong! :] 
I am also hosting a mini-series on the blog up until my own party that will show you some of the things I'm doing & hopefully help you get yours going too! 
For this first post, let's get the details down. 
Where are you having it?
You could always do your house or apartment. But what if that's not possible? The space is too small or your roommates aren't into the idea. Perhaps you can co-host the event with another friend at their place? Or if your budget allows you can always rent a place like your local community center. 
Who are you going to invite? 
For my own party, I'm inviting around 20 close friends & I know one or two of them are bringing their significant others. I didn't want anything too big, as I do live in a small apartment. 
How are you going to invite them?
I know a lot of people would love to create these amazing invites that we see on Pinterest all of the time for invitations. Little coffins that open up with treats and a scroll as the invitation. & That's wonderful! However, if you're like me, you don't have the time or the funds to make up all of those invitations, plus we are getting close to the wire! People may not get them in time at this point. So I used Facebook. I specifically got back on the dang thing just for this party. (Loathe FB, long & different story) & While that may not be the preferred & most elegant of methods of inviting people to an event, I will say it's probably the most effective. 
It also allows for everyone to see what other's are planning on bringing to my potluck, so we don't miss anything or don't double up. 
Where am I going to get all of those decorations!?
Shhhh, dearest. Don't worry, we've got this! I snagged quite a few of my own decorations at Target. They have some really awesome trees & other decorations that are black and glittered that I would love to have. However, they were quite expensive. So instead, I grabbed some of their other non-glittered goodies, including some bats to put on the wall, for cheap! You can also check out thrift stores for old decorations that are often far creepier then the stuff in stores today. 
& Of course, there is always the DIY option. I plan on finding some branches and sticks that have fallen in my neighborhood & spray painting them black & glitter them for an awesome centerpiece to my table. 
What are we going to do?
Well, like we talked about before, what kind of party are you having? I'm playing silly board games, card games & the like at mine. & Of course there's the dinner. Otherwise, I find that letting everyone else set the mood works best. Often times, I've planned a party to where I think I know exactly what's going to happen, and then of course it never does. And so instead of stressing out about it this year, I'm going to just let everyone have fun as they will. If that ends up being us not playing games and dancing, then I'm completely ok with that! :} 
What kind of music will I play?
Here's one that always messes me up, too, hah. I've tried the themed playlist before & sometimes that works and others not so much. So this year, what I think I'm going to do is use Spotify (I'll snag the premium right before the party so we don't have annoying commercials) and make a couple different playlists. I'll have one where there's quite a bit of themed gems mixed in with today's hits, one with some classic rock (my friends and I usually end the night on Journey or Queen somehow, without fail), and one by telling Spotify what kind of mood or party I'm having and letting it do the work. 
Not every song is going to be a hit & I can tell you right now I already know two people who will complain for every song that's not CHVRCHES. 
& I have a small apartment, like I said, so my iMac works perfect for playing music. It's loud enough where we can hear it in every room easily, but doesn't get loud enough for my neighbors to be upset, ha. Now, if you don't have a set up like that, I'd recommend asking your friends if they have a system you can borrow or even renting one for the night. Music always seems to set the evening. 

See? We've already covered a ton! You're more than halfway through planning your party & I can't wait to hear what you're thinking about doing :} 
Next up on the list of Halloween goodies is deciding what you're going to wear. We'll cover couple costumes, quick & cheap// last minute ones, to some ideas that no one else at the party will think of! 
Got any tips for planning a party? Still need some help? Let me know & I'll try and answer all of them :} Hope you're well! xo. 


  1. Husband and I are hosting our first Halloween party, in our small apartment, this year. He thought just drinks in costumes. OH NO no no. I was planing on putting together all the childish things. Like a goody bag full of silly halloween things (ghost erasers and spider rings etc). And ridiculous games (pin the wart on the witch and bag toss through the pumpkin mouth), and FOOD. I don't know what yet, but I bought some really nice Halloween serving dishes at Home Goods. I'm making a lot of my own decor too. I made paper bats for the wall, and I made a skull garland.

    Costumes! Husband and I are being wolf and red riding hood. He'll wear a spiffy suit and I'll make him a nice, layered, and fancy felt mask and tail. I bought a cheap $10 velvet-like hood and am making a skirt out of tulle and ribbon. Fun!

  2. I love a good plan. Great post for a fun halloween party. Hugs!

  3. This sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait to see how this all comes together!! I'm sure it's going to be amazing!! xoxo

  4. You are just a darling. I hope your party is just PERFECT! It sounds like you've got it all covered. I've been instructed by my nephew to dress up as a cupcake...this would involve wearing a laundry basket and NOT being able to sit down, we'll see how that goes. I can't wait to see what you wear!

    (FYI I FINALLY posted another blog post, you know where to find me. I've missed you!)

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