Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stay at Home this Halloween

 Now we’ve covered Halloween themed drinks,  how to pick your Halloween costume and how to plan for your own Halloween party and today I want to talk about staying home on Halloween. 
Because not everyone is into big parties. Not everyone wants to go out or have people over & sometimes, you want to but can't. When I was 11-13, I had strep-throat pretty much every year at Halloween. & I can tell you right now, I was so bitter and wanted nothing more then to cough on all the kids that came to our door. >:)
But now that I'm older, I can easily see the pull of the quiet evening of staying at home on Halloween and watching scary or themed films. Especially with someone fun and in a living room fort. Because I'm pretty sure everything is better in a living room fort. 
So if you're stuck at home or are voluntarily there this year, here are a few things I'd recommend (because we all know I love lists):

+ Living room fort, let's just start the evening off right. You'll need blankets & tons of pillows. I use clothes pins, chip bag clamps, and what ever other kinds of clips I have in the house. I also usually make the entire living room a fort, including my tv & leave it up for at least a week. But of course, it's your fort & there is literally no wrong way to make a fort. 

+Halloween Films, I am a chicken of epic proportions. World War Z was like the scariest thing I've ever seen & still haunts me waking or sleeping. I don't really like many scary movies. But I have a few that I absolutely love to watch this time of year especially (though, get real, I watch them year round over and over). Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favorite films, so duh, that's on the list. Beetlejuice is classic. The Awakening (2011) is another one of my favorites. Which is weird because I normally hate ghost movies, but this one is amazing. The Woman in Black scared the poo outta me, but I loved it. So beautiful. Plus Daniel Radcliffe actually is quite pretty in this one. ;) and Ghostbusters because duh. & If you have more time for more movies, then your Halloween night is wayyyy longer then mine, hah. 

+Snacks, pop corn & chocolate, duh. I'm a huge fan of corn dogs when in a fort, no idea why. Banana ghosts & tangerine pumpkins are the cutest & a healthy alternative to all the candy the rest of us will be shoving down our throats by the bucket full.

+What to wear, your jammies are best, of course. But you can always rock a costume at home. Though, I'm going to go ahead and say it: if you wear your normal clothes, you lose bonus points, hardcore. Normal, day clothes are forbidden inside of a fort. 

+What NOT to do in your Halloween fort, We already covered the normal, day clothes, but there are a few other rules. 1. You must have something fuzzy. Socks, slippers, blanket. Don't care, there just has to be something fuzzy. 2. What happens in the fort, stays in the fort. No exceptions. 3. No one person can steal all of the pillows AND all the blankets. One or the other is perfectly ok. 

Now I really wish I was staying in with Boyfriend & Napoleon, hah. Forts are by themselves the best, but a Halloween fort-night... MATHMATICAL. <3 (Please get that reference, please.) 
What are your plans for Halloween? We're getting close! :D & What's your favorite themed film, snack & do you have any fort rules? xo, 


  1. Cool ideas, I believe that type of celebration is better and familiar.


  2. I love this post! Hocus Pocus is my all time favorite Halloween movie although like you I watch it all year long! Nothing says Halloween like a caramel apple and definitely agree on the popcorn. Happy Halloween!

  3. I LOVE THIS POST!!! This sounds like the absolutely best Halloween ever!! Now I really would like a fort + a pile of junk food so I could enjoy some good movies!! :) I love this series of yours!! xo

  4. Dad and I are planning a Stephen King movie marathon for Halloween and the weekend. Think I could talk your dad into building us a fort? :)
    This is a really fun post.


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