Monday, November 18, 2013

A Darling Dear Studio Tour & Some Uncommon Goods

Hello, darlings! I've been talking about showing off my studio/office since I moved in (what six months ago?!) and today's the day! Tehe :) But this is where I work mostly. If not here, on my laptop either on the couch or in my bedroom. But mainly here. The photo isn't just tinted pink because of lighting or anything, that's my walls :3 My parents helped me, when I moved in, paint my entire apartment, and while the rest of the pace is mostly creamy white, my studio is two different shades of pink! Yay! 
I love working in here so much, though, I do wish I had a slightly more comfortable chair. But otherwise, it's perfect for me. 
I have about a billion pens (not all shown here) and whatnots but I can't help it. I adore stationery! (I know, you're shocked.) I have my favorite & prettiest pens right up front because duh ;) I also snagged the little kawaii cupcake ornament from Walmart (of all places!) recently and thought it lived nicely on my desk. 
Then on the stand next to my desk on the left, I have a few of my "reading/to-read" books, and my trays and lemon, tomato, and grapefruit containers with little ends like buttons, jump-drives, and all my sequins collections (packaged separately, of course.) 
And on the shelves to the upper right of my desk, I keep my files & important documents in these fabulously patterned tins and file folder holders. Because I fully believe dull things should be stored in fabulous things! :) 
Then, below the storage shelf are more pens, pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons, paintbrushes, sharpies, etc. I'm a bit guilty of only keeping the "pretty" colors of anything & giving other people the less-pretty colors. Which is why I only have like 10 crayons left, hah. 
To the right of that is a bunch of little shelves with stamps, inks, and other goodies displayed. & Then I have my book shelves that line the rest of the studio (not really displayed here). 
Over the past couple years I have gathered up TONS of goodies, but every time I move, I've gotten rid of a lot. So there's been this weird gather-give-away thing going on, but currently, I'm quite pleased with everything in my studio. I have only the things I need (of course I need all the silly things, duh.) and I'm so happy in my space. 
 Now, this brings me to something I'm pretty excited to share with you guys today. A couple weeks ago, UncommonGoods contacted me asking if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their wonderful products. The minute I saw this phone dock, I was in love. I debated for a day or so over if I wanted the black one or the green one, but I'm soooo glad I got the green! It fits perfectly in my studio, on my desk.
And honestly, I was extremely surprised at just how wonderfully it was made. The phone and dock have a nice texture and fits nicely in your hand. It works with pretty much any kind of phone & when I called my mom on it to see how it sounded, she said it sounded WAY better then the really expensive version my dad got on Amazon a while ago. So that's awesome, because this is quite reasonably priced.
One of the nifty things about the phone itself is that the cord comes unattached from the dock-itself and plugs directly into your phone. Which, if you're like me, is quite nice as sometimes I pace when I'm on the phone. Now, I know some of you might be like "Uh, Zie... why do you even need a phone... for your phone?"
I'm a product of my generation. I like how the traditional phone fits on my shoulder and ear, honestly. It is easier, and I don't have to worry about my phone dropping all of the time (which, I'm ashamed to admit how much of a problem that really is for me.)
But anyway, my only downside to this product is the fact that the cords come out the bottom half, and could easily be in the way. That black wire is how you plug in your phone for audio & not shown here is the white iPhone charger that would come down the bottom and go under the device to be plugged into the back of my computer. Neither of which are a big deal, really. Just if I had to give it a downside, that would be it.
Otherwise, I love it. I'm so glad I got it & I would easily and excitedly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good gift for the holidays!
Now, what I'm really excited about is all of the really awesome things that UncommonGoods does. Half of what they sell is handmade and one third of their entire collection features recycled or upcycled goods. They are really focused on a wide range of issues, including wage levels, environmental impact, and giving back to the community, which to me, is really important. I love supporting brands that support us back!
And as an independently-owned business, they can easily support causes that impact the world in a positive way. So with every purchase you make, UncommonGoods donates $1 to the non-profit of your choice. BOOM. Awesome products, awesome company. I'm so stoked to have been invited to play with them for a bit.
Ok, ok, you get it! I'm a bit smitten :) But anyway, check out UncommonGoods for some all around wonderful holiday gifts, some specialized and personalized goodies, or some really uncommon & wacky gifts like this pick punch! Plus you can check out their own studio tour. It's pretty awesome :} I wish I could hangout with these guys, they seem so fun!
But now that we have officially reached the longest-studio-tour post ever... ;) I'm curious what's in your studio/office? What do you keep close by? What do you use the most? & What's your favorite uncommon gift idea this year? xo


  1. Your work studio is simply lovely!! I just want to come over and have a girls' crafting day in there. And that phone dock is too cute!

  2. Love your little studio space. It's so bright and cheery. I wish mine was this neat and tidy right now. :)
    Love the little phone thing too. I would have to have one if it came in pink. OR mint.

  3. You have the most beautiful + inspirational work space Zie!! I think you should come over and decorate my house!! and I'm so glad that you decided on the green phone - it goes perfectly with the colorful/playful vibe of the room!! xoxo

  4. I adore this! I hardly ever stop to comment anywhere, but I just had to for this. I also just bought that phone in black for my own office. Very clever.

  5. Oh. my. goodness. gracious. You have the most dreamy work space of all time. Jealous! <3

  6. oh gosh, your studio is perfect! so much pink, so much cute.. gosh.. i'm in awh!

    lindsey louise


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