Friday, November 1, 2013

A Halloween Party

I know it's a day late now, but Happy Halloween! The past couple days have been packed with fun activities but I wanted to properly close out this little Halloween themed series with a few snapshots of the evening. Now, there aren't many, and they may not be the best quality, but I always, always forget to take pictures during an event I'm hosting. Perhaps next year I'll get a photographer, heh. 
But anyway, these were a few of the decorations we had up. I went pretty understated this year, as I didn't want to overwhelm my little apartment & wallet. But not shown was the enormous spiderweb creation on the porch that Boyfriend set up for me, another spider web in the corner of the living room, a little skeleton garland through the kitchen entrance, & a few more odds and ends.  
Overall I invited around 25 people and about 20 came, which was lovely. I have some of the very best friends and while we were worried about that many people in my 690 sq ft apartment, it was perfectly intimate and everyone got on well. And the best part: only one person showed up without a costume! Don't worry, he was picked on all night ;)
We had tons of yummy food and yummy drinks. And my own apple dumplings & hot spiced cider were a both a huge hit, so yeah, I'm feeling pretty smug about that, tehe :)
My personal favorites were twice-baked potato skins, my bloody mary (hah, I really like them, ok?), and this pasta salad that was just THE BEST. I keep begging for the recipe, but thus far, my efforts have been thwarted. Mainly because I won't give him my apple dumpling recipe, >:)

And then here's my brooding (quite handsome in eyeliner, if I do say) Boyfriend, as Hook from Once Upon a Time & me as Wendy Darling. I wish we had taken more pictures of both of our costumes because we actually looked pretty fabulous. Which, funny story: the party marked 5 months together & this is literally the first picture we have taken together, hah. 
Overall, the night was wonderful and I can't wait to host the New Years party! :) But I wish you all could have been there and seen the place! Did you end up hosting or going or staying in this Halloween? I'd love to hear what you did! What//who did you dress up as? Did you have any yummy drinks or snacks? xo,


  1. I freaking LOVE once upon a time. I just watched the episode where hook was introduced, I'm a little behind! You look amazing though :)

  2. Happy Halloween :D and día de los muertos!!!!

  3. Everything looks great, and so do your guests! You looked beautiful, and I really love the photo of you and Josh. Glad it was a success for you.

  4. Beautiful party and I love the Hook + Wendy costumes!! You two look so cute together!!


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