Friday, November 22, 2013

Found Friday: Snail Mail & Christmas Swap invitation

When I started going through my files & organizing my office last week, I stumbled on an old penpal letter I had attempted to write but never sent. I used to penpal with quite a few really lovely gals pretty regularly. I was always getting & sending mail. It was wonderful! 
I stopped of course, as school, work & business took over more and more of my life. But I was so happy and I just loved doing them. It was a silly thing to stay creative and fun and I miss it terribly. So I'm planning on sitting down over the next few weeks and sending out some letters to my old penpals. :) I've been looking around on instagram and pinterest over the last few days, hoarding inspiration. I can't wait to start sharing snail mail goodies with you all again!
And while I'm maxed out on penpals, currently, I would like to swap with two folks for Christmas? I'm looking for & to swap kawaii, sweet things. Both handmade & bought. But not more expensive then $25-30. And just fun, silly things to send each other. If that sounds like you please either leave your name, email &/website in the comments or email me at <3 
Otherwise, what've you found this week? What's inspiring you? Do you snailmail? xo! 


  1. Christmas swap! Full of kawaii, cute, handmade and found things?! I emailed you :)


  2. Ohmygoodness!! All these photos are so ADORABLE!!! I wish I had more $$$ then I would be absolutely happy to swap snail mail with you!!! :( Oh well, happy holidays to you just the same dear friend!!! :) xo

  3. You have already gotten some comments, but I emailed too! I love your blog and a swap sounds fun!! <3 <3

  4. so lovely!


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