Monday, November 25, 2013

Inspiration: Santa, Good News & Mermaids

This weekend was quite an extreme one. We went from rushing back home as the doctors said my great grandmother wasn't going to make it & being in the ICU to bouncing back ( a bit, she's not 100% yet). Then to my parent's house and attempting to relax just a bit.
My mom has been working on a huge holiday update and so she had all of these beautiful goodies everywhere & I think between the good news from grandma to the visual stimulation, my brain exploded with ideas :)
She's always had tons of vintage goodies, but this year she had some kitschier goodies that I just love! I mean, look at that Santa! I'd love to put him on a bright blue or baby pink background & have him framed :3
But so what did I do with that inspiration? Make mermaids, of course! I actually have quite a few other goodies in the works, but I'll save that for later ;) 
I'm having so much fun with these babes & I can't wait to keep painting! It has been far too long since I painted and now I cannot remember why I ever stopped. So much fun. 
& Of course, I had to toss in Napoleon :) I love that little stinker. He's just so cute it hurts sometimes.
But what did you do this weekend? What's inspiring you lately & what are you making? xo


  1. I hope that your great-grandmother makes a full recovery!! Sending get well wishes her way!!
    I LOVE all these holiday decorations!! I can't wait to start decorating!!
    I 100% think that you need to make that mermaid fish + the mermaid holding the candy cane into holiday cards to sell in your shop! I bet they would sell like hot cakes!! :) xoxoxo

  2. Best wishes to your great grandmother! I hope she makes a full recovery!!
    I finally started putting things in the smashbook that's been sitting empty on my shelf for a very long time. So far it's mostly stuff I've gotten from pen pals, so it feels good to get that stuff out of their envelopes and into something creative!


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