Monday, November 11, 2013

Little Books, a design & illustration project

In my design class we were tasked with designing the branding for a business. We couldn't use one that already existed, but otherwise, we could pick anything we wanted. I chose to do a children's bookstore :) Little Books has become something I love dearly. I've spent way too many hours working on this project and even more daydreaming about it. I'd love to open up a little bookstore here in Nashville with story time once a week and featuring local book artists and writers and just all of the fun things! 
I want it so bad, hah! So just go ahead and that to the super long list of things I want to do with my life. But anyway, we have the critique on this project today actually, so wish me luck! I also uploaded it so you guys could kind of flip through and see everything. It's not 100% perfect, but I'm still learning how to use this site. Let me know what you think?

What are you daydreaming about? & What are you making/creating/doing lately? Would you like to shop at a children's bookstore like this? 


  1. This is so adorable!! I love the colors + the branding!! You're quite brilliant Miss!! xoxo

  2. Just as a point of reference, my 22-year-old daughter graduated from college last June with a degree in graphic design. They held an open house just prior to commencement so that families could see examples of the work done by the graduates. So I had the opportunity to view a lot of projects like the one you posted here. YOUR WORK IS WONDERFUL!! I am very impressed. It looks so professional. (Some of the work I saw at the open house was not up to the same quality as your work.) If I didn't know it was a school project, I would have assumed that it was an established business. I love your style for this project and think it is a perfect match for the intended business. I think a client would be very pleased with your work. Wishing you a high grade on the project (I'm pretty sure you will get one!) and much success in your field. You are well-suited for a design career in my humble opinion!

  3. Very cute, darling! I love the idea. Your theme of wood(land) creatures is very nice and I think you did a wonderful job! I would love to partner with you on such a bookstore, ha! Dreams? Oh I have plenty, and I understand your frustration. I graduated 3 years ago and am still not on a typical 'path'. But, that's something you have to remember, you don't have to take any kind of regular 'path', that's not what life is like. I tried looking for a desk job for nearly two years and it sucked; I was unhappy and had no confidence. Then I decided to go with what I love. Writing. I've written two novels and a novella and am writing another one now! Nothing published yet, but I am HAPPY doing it. I have other dreams too of course, a bookstore, making plushies and other crafts, I would love to design. There's so much in the world! Go have fun.

  4. Oh! and just Oh! Kenz, right now I am a ridiculously proud mother. This is just wonderful. I adore the illustrations, and think the growth chart for age appropriate books is perfection. I don't even normally like those colors, but love them here. Love the logo, the stationery, the business cards, website, everything!
    But more than all of that, you made me want to go that bookstore RIGHT NOW. I can just imagine that bookstore , and I think it would become a favorite place of mine. Having local writers and storytellers would be so neat in a children's bookstore. I can also imagine your illustrations on the walls! :)
    Best wishes for your presentation! I imagine they will be as blown away as I am.

  5. Good job, Like the typo and the colors, maybe the green lost a little bit with the typography, but nothing biggy
    anyway love the furniture and the window display

    sorry for the english XD

  6. This is not only an adorable project, but a wonderful idea! I'd love to see it come to life :)

  7. This is wonderful! One of my dreams is to open up a bookstore someday, so I may just have to keep you in mind for all my branding needs when the time comes.

  8. Oh my gracious! If the critique does not go smashingly well then obviously no one knows what's up. This is GORGEOUS! You are so wonderful! When you open this little store and when (read if) I have little ones I would fly out to Nashville just to visit! So beautiful!

  9. I loved your designs! It was really well thought out- as if it were a real, cozy bookstore. Seems a lot of fun (and work) doing these projects and you are amazing at them!


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