Thursday, November 7, 2013

Smashbook; Creativity Heals

 My mom & dad came up recently and we spent the majority of the time cooped up and relaxed in my apartment. Mom & I crafted and dad played video games. It was lovely and exactly what I needed. Lately, I've been battling with some personal things, both mentally and emotionally (which of course, drains you physically). Depression being one of them.
 I've been debating, as many of you have read on twitter and other blog posts, about sharing a really emotional and personal post with you guys. But I'm not quite ready yet. It's heavy and hard and I'm just exhausted, worn, and so tired of feeling like this. 
So this little break I took from everything was lovely. I felt recharged and revived. I think it's time to do it again, I must say, but there's just something about not focusing on anything except your family and paper crafting that just fixes everything. It's the best kind of healing medicine. 
Plus how can you be upset with Teddy R. & a darling little pig? <3 But what about you guys? What do you do to help recharge yourself? 
Also, I am looking for any feel better books, music, films & general pick-me-uppers that you guys can recommend, please! I want and need to get out of this slump. xo, 


  1. I love these pages you created Zie!! You are so artistic!! xoxo

  2. Never expected to come out of the lurking wood works but I have to help when someone is in the same boat as me. I've felt a general blahness for months now.

    Movies: + Anything by Hayao Miyazaki, + Whisper of the Heart + Harriet the Spy + The Jane Austen Book Club + Cry Baby + Amelie + Moonrise Kingdom

    Playlist: + Head on by Man Man + Oh My Prince by Neon Bunny + Help I'm Alive by Metric (twelve remix) + Beautiful Day by Kerli + Chimera by Snakadaktal + Genesis by Grimes + Electric Daisy Violin by Lindsey Stirling + Can't Control the Kids by Kerli (all of the work done for you)

    Books: + Tamora Pierce, The Protector of the Small Quartet Bk 1 is First Test (girl trying to prove herself in a mans world need I say more), + Anything by Amelia Arwater-Rhodes but especially Midnight Predator (supernatural books i.e. vampires, shapshifters, wtiches), + Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci (great character and self discovery, good for a quick easy read)

    This video will never not be sweet or inspiring:

    Hopes this helps

  3. As you know, paper crafting, or being creative of any kind has gotten me through some really rough times. It's genuinely therapeutic.
    I know things will get better soon, and you will be back to YOU.
    Perhaps since you're not able to get the closure you need right now, sharing will help?
    Love you.

  4. Beautiful pages, Zie! Don't worry, you don't need to share it to us unless you're ready. Just remember that I'll be here for you, along with the rest of your wonderful readers. :)

  5. I suffer from bipolar disorder, OCD (heavily), anxiety, separation anxiety, and PTSD. I've been going through a lot of mental health crap, and physical crap, so I do understand - so much. Paper crafting IS a huge help! I love: cuddling with Jen and our babies, reading a good magazine, playing a favorite game, paper crafting, browsing a heavy visual site like deviantART or Tumblr, spending a little time in nature with my camera, writing down my thoughts, watching something I enjoy, and reading manga. Those help me, a lot. I wish I could suggest reads, etc. but mine are so varied, and I watch a lot of game play through vids, which I don't think anyone 'cept gamers are interested in! 'course, you may be a gamer!

    I hope you feel so much better soon. If you do share what you're going through, I can't swear that every one will be kind, but you've got a friend here. I talk about my issues a lot on LnL, and people have been amazingly kind and supportive.


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