Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Curious World of Walter Potter

I’ve been tinkering with some new story ideas for another children’s book (and toying with the idea of actually trying and getting the other two published). And like many before me, I love the idea of telling a story through animals and creatures. I think there’s something perfectly wonderful in the way children look at animals. They have feelings, they have thoughts, they have little lives that they go on about regardless of humans at all. And I fully believe in that idea. 
 Especially thinking about little sweet creatures headed off to school or to a tea party or on some wild adventure. Which, of course is why I adore Walter Potter so very much! He had a wonderful ability to tell stories through his work and make you fully believe in these little worlds in which bunnies learn numbers and kitties go to tea. Because, of course, what else would they be doing? It makes me often wonder if Napoleon is having his friends over while I’m at school. :3  
I’d love to bounce story ideas off of Walter Potter, because I have so many and I think he’d be just the person to ask. I hope to soon start sharing sketches and snippets from a new story & I’d love even more to be able to share a published book, tehe. So if you’ve got any ideas on how to actually go about that, let me know! ;) 
Otherwise, I’d be curious to see what sort of things you’re inspired by these days? What do you think of Walter Potter’s work? Cute or creepy? Hope you are well! 


  1. Thank you for just now introducing me to Walter Potter! I love the whimsy of it, it makes my heart so happy! Can't wait to see some of your sketches and ideas. I wrote and illustrated a children's-like book for my husband for our anniversary ages ago, and I've wanted to make more since. Wish I could draw!

  2. At the same time some of it is not for me! I don't like looking at the poor kitty fused at the head with another kitty. I do like the attention to detail in some of the animal worlds he made. He made the slates and furniture for the bunny school!

  3. His work is quite intriguing. If I had never watched Oddities, I am not sure I would be able to embrace the taxidermy work though. :)
    Of course, I have always thought you should pursue publishing your book, and write/illustrate many more. You have a gift for both.


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