Monday, December 2, 2013


I'm so very, very excited to announce the Cyber Monday $.99 4 x 6 print sale! This week is my birthday (Thursday, the 5th! AH!) and as an extra celebration, I wanted to have a really crazy sale, so here it is! You can snag any of your old favorites or any of the TONS of new prints now available in the etsy shop & & My favorite part about them being only $.99? You can easily snag one for a gift and one for yourself! ;) 

There's also a bunch of other new goodies in the shop & I'll be uploading even more as the month goes on. Especially since I finally caved and let my mom (who's been in da biz for seven years now!) take over the position of "business manager" tehe. Because we can all admit I'm rubbish at shop updates and loading new product, etc. And I can't wait to share all of the fun things she and I are planning for this month & next year. Can't wait! 
Now, I know it sounds silly, but some of these new illustrations in the shop, especially the lovely Jane Austen, the Purrrrfect kitties & the Do or Donut print are some of my favorite things I've done. I hope you like them & I can't wait to send you all the goodies! Let me know what you think? What's your favorite new (or old) print? 
ALSO: in completely unrelated goodies: I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for my birthday night. The following night we are decorating my house for Christmas (YAY!) and then Saturday night, I'm hosting my Mad Men themed party with my friends... but what do I do on my actual birthday? Help! tehe xo 


  1. Happy Early Birthday Mines is exactly a month away from yours! :D


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