Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Darling Dear Christmas Decorations Tour

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas, sweetlings! I'm so happy and excited and just I LOVE CHRISTMAS, ok? And like I promised the other day, here's a little tour of some of my Christmas decorations :)
Starting off with the darling that is this little deer with a beautiful pink bow! She was one of my birthday gifts & my mom painted her horns & added the bow for me. So happy with her, but she needs a name! Ideas? 
Then we have a few silly things on the mantle along side mine & Napoleon's stockings :3 I've had mine since I was a little girl, but as this is Napoleon's first Christmas, this is his first stocking. Though, next year, I'd kind of like to find him or make him a knitted one. :)
& Then we have the wreath my mom made me last year for my birthday. It's just the cutest & even has a little picture of my dog that lives with my folks :3 I love this thing & it brightens any room it's in.
And lastly, we have my darling champagne tree with the most wonderful pink floppy bow & kitschy ornaments that I also got for my birthday. Napoleon was scared to death of the three for three days, but now I can't keep him out of it. He keeps taking ornaments out & chewing on the lower branches. Does anyone have any secret tips for keeping kitties out of Christmas trees? 
And also, does anyone have any ideas for a name for the lovely deerling? :3 And how did you decorate this year? xo 


  1. A PINKIE PIE ORNAMENT?!?!? OHMYGOODNESS!! Where did you find that Zie?!?
    and I LOVE your wreath + that amazing deer head!! I love it white + gold antlers (and the bow makes it extra pretty!!) I also love that little house hanging up on the wall next to the deer!!'oh! And the stockings are so cute!!! Happy holidays Zie!! xoxo

  2. So cute! I love all the pastels!

  3. Ahhh this is amazing, best ever colour scheme! I want my flat to look like this next xmas!

    La Dulcie Vita
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  4. These are so adorable! It was lovely to "meet" you on the #lbloggers chat today!


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