Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas or Holiday Lists, last minute ideas and gifts!

It's that time again... LISTS <3 I'm always so happy to see you guys are huge list makers like I am. This time, I wanted to do a little list of lists dedicated to the holidays & making this time even more wonderful for you, me & all of our loved ones! 

Favorite Holiday Tradition Ideas: 
+ A few days before Christmas we always pile into my dad's car, stop for hot chocolate & then drive around town looking at Christmas lights. Every year, some one catalogues where the good ones are &the ones that go with music, etc. So we usually hit one or two of those, then just a bunch of neighborhoods. & We listen to Christmas music on the radio. It's one of my favorites :) 
+ Crafting & watching tons of Ancient Aliens with my oldest niece and nephew 
+ My mom always gets us all Christmas Eve jammies, which is fun. But this year, since both my sister & I are bringing our boyfriends, we are going to have matching jammies with our gentleman, hah! Just wait, it's super dorky but it's gonna be awesome. I'll share pics after Christmas <3 
+ We still do Santa in my house. Both of the children (my sister and I) are 20+ and we still do it. :) I'm not upset even a bit. I think its perfect and adorable. 
+Christmas morning, we open our gifts from our parents (and theirs from us) at my folk's house one by one, so everyone can see what everyone gets. & Then after that, we go to Grandma's for the rest of the day. This year, however, we are hosting the entire Christmas at my parents'! Should be fun :)

Holiday Playlists:
I'm pretty traditional with Christmas music, so I love Pandora's "Christmas Radio" & "Classic Christmas Radio" the most. But I also love "Indie Holidays Radio" 
+Other favorites: Elvis' Christmas Album, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra & tons more like that :) 

Holiday Films: 
I'm actually not a HUGE fan of Christmas or Holiday films, though The Grinch (both versions) & Love Actually are pretty good. :) Does that make me an alien? 

Stocking Stuffers & Last Minute Ideas: 
+Kitschy Digitals has some wonderful things you can download & make yourself! That way, its a special gift that YOU make! 
+ Target & Michael's have some lovely dollar spot items! & Then you can personalize them like my mom did on my snowman journal set
+Baking goodies is always a nice way to go or even bake/make-your-own kits! Like putting all the ingredients of indulgent hot chocolate or some yummy baked goodie into a cute jar. Super easy! 

Fun Holiday Bonding Time:
+ I know I've said it before, but fort night is the best bonding fun EVER.  Blankets, pillows, movies and snacks! Kick back and have a wonderful night! 
+ Ugly sweater making! I really want to do this, but no one else here does... go grab some regular cheap sweaters or sweatshirts & pom-poms, sequins, buttons, patches or any other silly thing & hand stitch them on there. The best part is, anyone can do it, because the stitching on an ugly sweater doesn't have to be perfect! 
+ Traditional, old fashioned board game night! Or cards! When was the last time you pulled out a board game or cards? Now's the perfect time! :) 

What are your favorite traditions? And what holiday films or songs do you like? What are you doing for stocking stuffers & do you have any last minute ideas you'd like to share? & How are you spending your holidays? 
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & I love you all, dearly! xo 


  1. aaah this made me feel all cosy inside! and excited for Christmas, yaaay!

  2. I love these lists!! New pj's, gifts from Santa, hot chocolate, Christmas lights + roaring fires (or space heaters close by!!) are a few of my favorite things about Christmas too!!! :) xoxo

  3. I love that Kitschy site!! Thanks very much, cute site too!


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