Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift guide: the Beauty Babe, the Organization Nut, & the Crafter

This year I’m shopping for more people then I normally do. The older I get, the more and more of my family I shop for (instead of just lumping onto what my parents give everybody) plus I have boyfriend, plus some friends & then some wonderful gift exchanges. And I’m struggling on a few of them. Like what do you get a boyfriend of 7 months for your first Christmas together? heh 
So with that in mind, I wanted to piece together some ideas & gift guides that others may find helpful. I’ll be focusing on the beauty babe, the organization nut, and the crafter. 
For the beauty babe:
I’m a huge fan of Lime Crime’s Velvetine, Red Velvet lipstick. It’s a matte, bold, red that goes on much like a lipgloss would and then, once dried, feels and looks much like a lipstick. It’s one of my absolute favorite beauty products and I would highly recommend it. My only downside is it’s not very moisturizing & I find myself licking my lips more often. But otherwise, perfect. Especially for a bold look. 
Now when shopping for a beauty babe, I have two schools of thought. One: go classical or timeless. Something they can use or incorporate into many different outfits/moods. OR two: go flashy & a conversational piece. Like a hot pink bag or lipstick, etc. Something they can rock an outfit with.
A few other of my favorite beauty products: 
How to look the best at everything
For the organization nut: 
Last year, I got the amazing divider that was basically life changing. Which, if you’re/they're like me and constantly on the go & one of the messiest people & it’s a struggle to stay organized, this is pretty perfect. Everything has a place & it just looks so pretty when filled up. 
A few other must-haves for the organizational nut: 
Evernote premium--one month free with this link :)
Box in a Box
Pastel Highlighters
Wallet Phone Case 
For the Crafter: 
For the crafter, it’s a bit trickier as there are so many different kinds of crafting & crafters. So with this, I would always go a little broader (unless you know exactly what they’re looking for, of course.) Things like Martha Stewart scissors are always lovely. And then you have goodies like monthly subscription services or kits for all kinds of crafters, stuffed full with art and craft supplies ready to be used in any kind of project! 
And if all else fails, I suggest getting something you can work on together. It’s the best of both worlds: having fun & having fun together! 

That’s all for this gift guide, I hope that helps get you started! I have a couple more gift guides planned for the next couple weeks, but please let me know if you need more ideas! :) Happy shopping! xo 


  1. That organiser looks like a dream! I so need it! I think I might have to try Lime Crime's Red Velvet on your recommendation - that red looks fabulous on you. I've been a Ruby Woo obsesser for a long time, but maybe it's time to branch out.

  2. 1. I've been wanting to wear lipstick, and I was thinking of going bold, beautiful, red! I think I might have to get the one you posted!
    2. I love that organizer! Especially with all your pretty stuff in.
    3. I say all craft stuff is good craft stuff, :)

    Looking forward to more of your gift guides

  3. I love it all!! PS That lipstick looks amazing on you!

  4. Pretty blouse and that lipstick is perfect on you.
    Adela x

  5. Great gift ideas and so thoughtful! Much better than a generic bath and body sets that I tend to get every Tom, Dick and Harry! Hehe!

    Lovely post as always! x


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