Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm sorry for being extra quiet lately. I had only meant to be "out of office" for a minute & it's been a bit longer now. We are just dealing with some family troubles right now. (Good thoughts & prayers are appreciated) but I'm trying to throw myself into work right now, so let's get back to it! 
 December 5th, (two Thursdays ago now!) was my birthday and It was just perfect and wonderful! The morning of, I went to brunch with Bryan and a couple of my dearest friends, which was fun. We had some of the best mimosas in town & were treated to lots of yummy foods!
Then later, my parents came into town and we had a very relaxing and wonderful evening opening presents, eating some chocolate ice cream cake & decorating my apartment for Christmas :3 (Which my tree and ornaments were a part of my gifts.)
I also was super happy and lucky that my parents and grandparents pitched in to get me an iPad mini! Yay!! I adore it and it's just super fun. I had always said I wouldn't get one until after I graduated and only maybe then... but I'm soooo happy with it :) Though, I'm still learning all of the things you can do on it. Ideas?
 My mom also got me bunches of darling stickers and paper bits, which I can't wait to use! & My boss got me the darling vintage envelope set, which, penpals-- be looking for those! ;) And my mom also happened to snag some of the most darling ornaments and tree in the history of ever and ever. (More on that later)
And then Bryan got me this sweet little sunflower necklace :} He remembered that they were my favorite flowers from really early on and it's just perfect and sweet. UGH. I'm all girly now ;) 
But anyway, I had a wonderful birthday and I can't wait to show you my decorations soon! 
Meanwhile, do you have an ipad? What do you do on it? Any cool apps I should check out? What kind of stylus do you use? And WHERE ARE THE CUTE CASES? xo 


  1. Hapy Birthday Zie - hope you had an amazing day! Ipad mini - super jealous! AND, if you need / want a penpal - drop me a line!

  2. WOW!! Look at all the lovely loot!! That sunflower necklace is so beautiful and I love that it's your favorite flower!! I adore all the paper lovelies and how sweet of your family to get you the iPad mini you've been wanting!!! and I love those little deers!! We have several on our tree and they are just too cute!! Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful birthday!!
    PS Be on the lookout for a little Christmas package from me!!! :D

  3. Happy birthday dear, there are lots of fantastic items out there for ipads one of the perks if you're willing to spend the extra dough on them hehe. I have a nexus 7 so I was lucky enough to get a google "branded" item so there is a little more customization and fun cases then the average tablet. I'd suggest checking out amazon and then googling the items you like to find them cheaper.

    The paper products are freaking adorable!

    -Chrissy of


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