Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ta-Da! Lists: Dec 23rd-29th

This week has been quite insane. I have never had this intense of an emotional roller coaster like that. The beginning of the week was hectic and a tiny but stressful. But then Christmas was the most wonderful Christmas I think we've ever had. My parents hosted this year, which normally we go to my grandparents' house. And while I have always loved going to grandma's, it was so nice to stay home. We had a larger number of people then normal as well, that came down for great-grans funeral, and while we had originally been worried about that, they were amazingly sweet and added to our holiday happiness. 
But besides that, this was the first time I had brought a boy home for Christmas & that actually went perfectly. Bryan fits right in with my family and I'm never happier then when with him, my parents, grandparents & Napoleon. :) 
Ok, ok. We get it, sheesh. 
But anyway the funeral yesterday was really hard and I appreciated all of the kind words so much. But while it was sad and hard, it was so good to bond and spend time with family I haven't seen in years. We are all so very lucky to have each other. 

 But enough about all of that. I wanted to share one of my favorite gifts I got for Christmas! This perfect little planner pack from my mom! She made me three different types of packs, one for my planner, one for smash booking, and one for snail mail. I'll share those at a later date but I wanted you to see how perfect this was! 
If you guys like, I'll show a bit more detailed view of the goodies I got & product review for any looking to start playing with paper :) 
But what was your week like? What was your favorite gift(s)? Share links, pics, whatever! I'd love to see! <3 xo 


  1. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas Zie - I've been keeping you and your family in my thoughts through this difficult time <3

    And heck YES I want to hear all about those adorable little stationary bits n__n

  2. My thoughts are with you and your family, it's hard to loose anyone but especially this close to Christmas. The planner pack is such a perfect little present!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Your stationery is so sweet. Thinking of you and your family lovely xx
    Elise -

  4. Such a kawaii lil blog, absolutely LOVE the stationery!!! ^^ cannot wait to read more posts!

    new follower <3

    zara xx

  5. What a magnificent present!!! I love the little case it all came in + all the pretties inside!!
    I'm so sorry for your loss Zie!! Keeping you + your family in my thoughts + prayers!! xoxo

  6. Kawaiii! Gosh, your things are so cute! Wish I also have them. :3 xx :(( *screeams* Happy Holidays! ♥

  7. Where do you get your kawaii notes and stickers? I'm anxious to start my first Molang Planner but I would love to have some journal cards and sticky notes to help making it more colorful and exciting! :D Your planner is so cute though ^w^


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