Friday, December 20, 2013

Ta-Da! Lists: weeks December 2-22

 We all know I'm an organization freak. We also know how much I like planners & all things cute and kitschy. So I'm the happiest of gals when those two things combine. *swoon*
Which is why I try and decorate my planner through the week. Sometimes it's much simpler with simple pops of color & then sometimes I go all out with coloring and stickers and doodles. It just depends on my mood that week & how many things end up being written in.
 For instance, here we have the week of December 2-8th, my birthday week & then finals week, December 9-15th. I'd like to start sharing what each week looks like with you guys, perhaps every Friday? Especially since I asked for quite a few goodies for decorating my planner from Santa. Would that be something you'd like to see? :3 & Maybe we can start a little club? Link up & show each other our weekly planners/diary/journals? Please say yes.
But I know a lot of people get really overwhelmed and a little intimidated when looking at all of the planners (especially those wonderful Filofax users ;P). It all looks like a lot and not like something that is achievable, really. But I disagree completely! 
Above on the left, we have the "base level" for this week's pages. I just added a few post it notes, a couple stickers & a bit of washi tape. There's not a particular reason for where I put things, just that I want it all to look cute & for the fun to be spread over the entire page. 
Then on the right, I go in with my base level for markers and jellies. Again, no real reason why I doodle and color where I do, just that I go based on aesthetic alone. And of course, you don't have to use all the kawaii nonsense that I do, tehe. You can use whatever colors and patterns and stickers that YOU like. :) 

 Then I just keep laying in stickers and tape and small doodles until I get my starting page right where I want it. & If I know what I need to do ahead of time, then I go ahead and fill that in. By the end of each week, it looks a bit different then when I started, as I add more and fill up all the spots. But otherwise, it's just fun & silly and makes your boring to-do list more of a **TA-DA** list ;) (Ooh! Maybe that can be the name of this little thing? The Ta-da! Lists?)
But what do you think? Like it? Too much? What do you use to keep track of your to-do lists and schedules? xo


  1. I'm so jealous of your organisational skills! I need to start using my planner more often, I'll have to start decorating it so it's as lovely as yours is! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. I absolutely love your planner, it's so darn cute. You can tell you put so much of yourself into it, which is really nice to see.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. So cute!! I love planners. It really helps me to stay organized and keep track of my thoughts. I tend to do things a little backwards though. I highlight things that I've done instead of putting a line through it. I think it looks neater that way. Plus the more things I get done, the more happy and colorful my planner gets!

  4. I love your organizational skills + all your pretty stickers/colors!! xo

  5. Super adorable! I've been slacking on even writing things in my planner, let alone decorating it but I think you've inspired me to get back on the wagon!

  6. I have always decorated my planners since I started using them! There was a planner-sharing community on LiveJournal (God, I'm old) that I loved to visit, so much inspiration in other people's organization ideas!

  7. I love how decorated your planners are, I never decorate mine to this extent but I think I might start! :) x


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