Friday, January 24, 2014

Cheer up, Buttercup.

I'm home sick from uni & work again today. If you follow along on twitter, you know that I don't handle being sick very well, hah. I mope & get sad & need someone to take care of me. Then, add on top of that a slight depressed state of things anyway lately & it isn't pretty. Luckily, I had some really lovely people to cheer me up a bit. 
To tell the truth, my dears, I've been feeling rather sorry for myself lately & a bit hopeless. That sounds so very dramatic when you say it out loud, but there it is. It just seems that everything is falling apart right about now. Work, internship stuff, business stuff, blog stuff, & as always, a very sorry state of financial affairs certainly makes everything else quite glum, don't you think? & While that all may be enough to have a good cry, it's certainly not worth letting myself get so sad, right? Right. 
So I took some of the advice that people gave me last night. I closed my email, I let myself stay home and be sick, and had a good cry. Then I made some tea, painted my nails (they're blue for the first time in years!) and watched movies for hours while embroidering, which is another something I haven't done in a very long time. 
I also made a list of things I was happy and thankful for every time I had a sad or sorry thought. And while I'm still quite sick & still not 100% out of the glums, it does help. 
So here's a few of my favorite things on the list: 1. The Pringles my dad bought and hid in my pantry without telling me last time he was here. I love Pringles & haven't had them much since I moved out. 2. All of the cute things my mom helped me set up in my apartment. Especially the sweet little unicorns & bugs (you'll see that later). & Her calling every few hours to check on me and try and cheer me up. 3. Napoleon slamming his head into mine to let me know that 'that was quite enough crying, mom.' 4. Men in Black (the first one), which is such a horribly wonderful film. 5. The Justin Bieber // Miley Cyrus mug shot mashup. 6. My very own, noisy, always messy, dimly lit, wonderful little apartment. 7. The fluffy comforter that grandma gave me that's entirely too big for my bed, but perfect to make a cocoon out of. 8. Having two jobs, no matter how miserable they make me, especially when so many other's don't. 9. My parents ordering me pizza & lava cakes (my favorite!) from across the state because I don't have the energy to cook. 10. The amazing super-power that is NyQuil & all of it's wonderful awesomeness coming into my life. 
So enough being glum & sorry for myself. What's cheering you up today, my dears? 


  1. aww what a lovely lil post! I blame the weather for my blues lol but my cat always cheers me up ^^ #catladyalert

    zara xx

  2. oh no!! I'm so sorry Zie that you still are not feeling better!! Those little unicorns are so adorable and I love your nail color!! Kitty cat head-bops and cozy comforters are wonderful things!! I hope that you feel better really really soon darling!! xoxoxo

  3. I hope you feel better! Being sick is the pits.

    It's always so easy to get down on yourself. But keep your head up, you're lovely and wonderful :)

    Also! Cheers to embroidery and old lady crafts in general!!!

  4. I hope you feel better soon.
    And the fact that you remain positive, even when things aren't going well is wonderful. Don't let the bad times consume everything. Having a good cry can be very therapeutic, but picking yourself up is even better. You're amazing, and whatever is bothering you, aside from being I'll, will get better.
    Remain positive! :D

  5. The kissing unicorns look perfect with that little pot of flowers, and I love the blue polish on you.
    I know how hard business can be sometime, and financial worries are always a pain, but you know that your parents are always right here, and they're not going to let you starve, or lose your apartment. :)
    And you have to remember that your work is wonderful, it makes many people smile, you just have to keep at it. Keep your head up. -Love, Mom

  6. PS, Did you find the cookie dough in your fridge? :)

  7. The mash up mug shot is brilliant! I love it! The kissing unicorns is absolutely adorable. I hope you feel better soon, feeling icky is so horrible x

  8. Oh you poor thing! I'm a terrible sick person too.

    It's awful to be feeling blue when you're sick at the same time. I definitely was a couple of weeks ago so I know how you feel! Lots of sleep, delish herbal tea, a treat or two and some TV marathons are definitely the best things I can recommend.

    Feel better soon lovely!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  9. Bless you, being ill is so hard when you want your mum or someone to take care of you(no matter how old,I must note) we all have sad days, and I pop a film on and hide underu duvet! Hope you're feeling better! Xxx

  10. I wish I could have given you a little hug to help with your crying :(


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