Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Confessions of a Messy Person

I've been working on quite a few projects around the apartment all weekend with my parents & Bryan. I'm getting super excited about Spring & my apartment clearly shows it. I'm feeling the inspiration that was leaving me starting to come back & I'm so pumped to have things starting to come together. & I think it has everything to do with the thought of having all of the apartment sorted again & organized & clean-cleaned. 
I'm a very messy person, naturally. Like really messy. Bryan says I'm like a hurricane. Everything around me is destroyed & in complete chaos, but in the center, what I'm focusing on, is perfection. Hah, it's not the most flattering of images, but probably enormously accurate. 
It's just hard for me to keep things organized, really. (I know you're probably shocked, hah) But it is! So with that in mind, I've decided the best thing to do is tackle it little bit by little bit. One room at a time, one day at a time. I'm starting to clean/straighten (as needed) each room once a week. This sounds a bit silly, as you all probably are incredibly organized & would unfriend me at the state of my apartment. But for me, I have a bad habit of trying to leave the cleaning to the weekend because I hardly have time in the week. 
But all that did was make my weekends miserable. It'd take FOREVER to clean everything. So now, I'm assigning rooms to days. Monday is kitchen day. This is where I hardcore clean everything in the kitchen. 
Then comes living room day, then office day, then bedroom day (my least favorite to clean/straighten, weirdly enough.) and then kitchen and bathroom all over again. It makes it feel more manageable to me. Spreads it out into bite-sized chunks & helps me stay motivated to doing it. 
Does anyone else seem to be this insanely unorganized? Am I the only person who struggles like that to keep an orderly home? What do you guys do to keep it all under control? Teach me your ways! xo   


  1. oooo!! Cleaning one room of the house everyday sounds brilliant!! Cleaning the kitchen + bathrooms is the worst for me! Ugh! :/
    But I love the projects you're working on!! I really want to create a shadow box using fake butterflies!! O! And your kitty under the pile of flowers is too cute!!! :)

  2. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Oh my gosh, my poor roommate, God bless her and her patience. I am a DISASTER! I attempted a new craft project that failed and the remants are in a little pile next to the TV. I try to be good and keeping my mess out of our common areas, so my room is just a disaster. I finally broke down about a month ago and did all of my laundry, hung it all up (that's a big step for me) and vowed to continue to hang it up. This means that when I take off a dress that can be worn again without washing, it gets up hung up, right away, no questions asked. Same goes with tights, shirts, etc. The miracle is that IT'S WORKED. I still have some piles in my room, my ever present "give away pile" and a trash pile from when I cleaned out under my bed, but there is no pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom, or a pile of clean/mostly clean/we're not really sure if they're clean clothes on the floor by my bed. Little steps really do make a huge difference! You can do it! (This doesn't change the fact that I can't find an inch of space on my bathroom counter, every time I attempt that one nothing seems to change.)

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only grown woman who creates havoc around her. I've slowly been getting better but I really need to become more proactive with it. My only defence is that, even if everything I own is on the floor, I always know where to find anything I need. I love the simplicity of your plan to do a room a day, I might have to give it a go xo

  4. What KeeQuinn said is very helpful! I sent you an email link to a website and organization pro called the fly lady. She's got some really great plans. I think I also pinned another (bit more modern) organizing site as well. Can't wait until you show all of your adorable projects!

  5. I'm good with my own space but I'm terrible at keeping everything tidy in the common areas of my apartment that I share with roommates. I just hate so much when I clean and tidy and then they mess it up again! One day I'll get over it.

    I do love the idea of having a room a day though. Seems more manageable!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  6. I am a messy person too! I dread cleaning up and I don't see the point of that when I can remember where my things are in those piles of mess. But, reality is reality. I'm quite set on changing that habit into a better one and am bend to keep it that way for as long as possible. Good luck to both of us!

  7. I just came over from your mom's blog, and am enjoying yours immensely! I have to stop at this point because I am supposedly on my laptop finding recipes while getting my grocery list together. Years ago I read a book about "Messies", I think it was The Messie's Manual. I was a Perfectionist Messy, apparently so are you, lol! Her description if it being something about how we'd spend all day getting our oven cleaned out to perfection, while the house around us was in piles. I'm 40 and still recovering! ('Cause guess what happens when a Messy marries another messy and has 7 kids, hahaha) Actually with the same method you are using, breaking rooms down into days. Good luck to your clean home, and keep on with your awesome blog!


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