Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY: My Kawaii Happiness Jar

 A few weeks ago, I stumbled on this, this & this, to which of course, I absolutely fell in love with the idea of a happiness jar. I love the idea of storing your favorite moments from the year in a little jar to open and celebrate & welcome in the next new year. That's just wonderful! So I of course had to make one.
I had this jar in my kitchen filled with tea bags, which of course, have found a new home. I've loved this jar for years, but it was kinda boring in the sense that it was clear glass with a dull, faded blue top. That's it. Well, if it's going to store my happiness from 2014 in it, I think it might need to be a bit more fabulous, don't you? Enter craft paint & decoden bits. xo 
This was super easy to make, just took a bit of patience because the paint needed like eleventy-billion goes. But once that got sorted, adding some glue & sparkly bits was super easy. I'm quite happy with how it turned out and I've already popped a few lovely things that have happened into it. 
I can't wait until next year to open it all up & read them. I can easily seeing this becoming a tradition for me. SUCH a fun idea & I'm so glad I stumbled on it! (Yay, Pinterest! hehe) 
But what about you, darlings? Do you do a happiness jar or something similar? How would you // do you decorate yours? xo


  1. I've done this! I have only used a tin which I got sweets in at Christmas- your jar looks so cute :) can't wait to read back over the year! xo

  2. Your jar looks supercute! So you put in written notes? (None of the Pinterestlinks seem to work)

  3. Absolutely <3 it!!! I should try this asap by the way I have posted a lil post on a kawaii tutorial today if you would like to check it out ^^

    zara xx

  4. This is a great idea! You could also do something like this for a "pick-me-up jar". Write down some happy thoughts and if you're having a rough day, pick one out to cheer yourself up!



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