Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year & Dreams Comes True Lists

 Happy New Year, my darlings! I hope you’ve had a lovely couple days. I had intended to post on Jan 1st, but instead of working, I decided to take the day & relax. I read a bit, watched a movie, napped, and had a lovely cup of tea (or five). It was perfect :)
But anyway, NYE was lovely. I had a couple of my closest friends over & Bryan, of course. We played a few different games & had a few drinks. Then we watched the ball drop & danced at midnight. It was perfect. 
& I got to finally wear my blue lace dress from Target that I’ve had for months but haven’t worn yet. I love it & guarantee I’ll find a reason or 12 to wear it more often. I paired it with black stockings, a pink cardigan & a pink sash that ties into the cutest bow at the back. & Then add on the diamond earrings Bryan got me for Christmas & my little gold heart and star necklace. 
I also wanted to thank everyone who voted in the poll! I plan on making all of the things on that list at some point, but for now, we’ll go for the top four results, plus one I just reallllly wanna do ;) I’m working on as many of these as I can, so hopefully, we’ll have a shop update soon. <3 
I had also thought about sharing all of my goals for 2014, but then Jessica posted this video on her blog talking about how it’s actually better NOT to tell everyone your goals. So, I’ll be keeping that list private & announce little bits as I get them done :) 
However, that being said, I would love to be a source of support for you & your goals, so if you’d like, please feel free to share & keep me updated on your progress! 
Let’s kick 2014 in the bum together, yeah? What did you end up doing to bring in the New Year? & what are you working on this month? xo 


  1. I hope you have a great 2014. The dress is gorgeous. New Years Eve is also my friend's birthday so I went to a party at her house.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I have that dress in pink! And now seeing how pretty you look in the blue one makes me wish I had both colors!! haha! :P
    It sounds like you had a wonderful NYE and I hope that all your wishes + goals come true in 2014!!
    PS EMBROIDERY PATTERNS??!!!!! Please do Zie!!!!!! :D xoxox

  3. Gorgeous dress (and that pink sash totally makes it all the more amazing)! I almost got it and now I'm kicking myself! I've made a list of goals too, but haven't published it, don't know if I will. It's great to have goals, and I have a lot of mini/side goals within some of them, too. I hope it's a fantastic, busy, successful year for us all!

  4. I adore your lace dress and cannot believe it is from Target and also cannot believe that I don't have one! I was just saying the other day how I've gotten so good about going into target and sticking to my grocery list, that I'm missing all the pretty fun stuff. So now I'm vowing to spend more time wandering the store which is bound to be very bad for the budget but very good for the soul.


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