Friday, January 31, 2014

Ta-Da! Lists: January, at a glance & Jan 27- Feb 2

 How strange that January is already over! It seems like we just got started, yet, it's already flying by!
This month I checked off all of my monthly goals, minus the meditating one. I keep forgetting, as sad as that is. I just think it's so important to calm your mind and body and let it recharge (besides just sleep) and yet I hardly ever do it. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to recharge? I'm thinking about taking a little walk or doing a bit of yoga once a day. I'm determined to do it this month. 
I also never got around to posting my "girls only" series I wanted to start. I have a few crafts/DIYs in mind that have to do with girl problems & some products I'd like to share & maybe start a discussion or two on things that are pretty "girl power" but I didn't know how well it'd be received. What do you guys think? Yes/no? If yes, would any of you like to join in & make a thing of it? Maybe some guest posts or swaps or something like that. 
This week I've really been trying to take it one day at a time, so my planner isn't even filled up all the way, heh. I just found myself getting really overwhelmed this week, so I thought it'd be better to have a less-filled planner & a clearer mind, ya know? 
I also kept to my messy-person schedule this week, too! Well, minus my bedroom. That's the hardest room for me, heh. My vanity & closet & all my clothes are just soooo intense right now. I have piles of clothes (some to wash, some that are clean, some that I need to take to Goodwill, etc.) & I really just want someone to come in and help me do it (see: do it for me) hehe 
But, I think we are hosting the Super Bowl party this year so I have until Sunday to get my butt in gear. So wish me luck. 
Next week's goals: get ahead of my class work. I don't like doing projects as they're due. & get my class finished & uploaded to the shop! 
What are you working on this week & what are your goals? Also who's watching the game this weekend & who are you pulling for? xo 


  1. Yeahhh, girl power! I would so be on board with that if you wanted people to get involved.

    Also? The little goals pig is my favourite post it note of the month. SO ADORBS.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  2. Aah, I love how you use your planner! So much colour and so organized. It's making me want to buy a whole load of stickers and get stuck into my planner.

  3. I love all of your planner posts! Makes me want to spruce up the planner I'm using. :)

  4. Where did you get that planner? How did you make it so pretty, its so enviable.


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