Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Darling Dear Sketchbook Tour & Commissions are Back Open!

 Hello darlings! Been taking a few days off the past two weeks, as I've been sick on and off. Turns out I've basically got a nasty case of sinus infection & pneumonia, joy! -.- But I've gotten some meds, so hopefully I'll be back to health by the end of the week! xo
Meanwhile, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pages from my sketchbook today. & Of course, the bloopers of Napoleon jumping up and constantly licking (?) my sketchbook like a nutzo. He's such a spaz sometimes. <3
These are a few of my favorites. Some client work, some class work & just some fun little bits for me. I've been going through a bit of a dry spell in the shop lately, which is scary & a bummer since I live off of that quite a bit, so I've opened commissioned illustrations & designs back up. 
I pride myself on working within almost every budget for just about any project. Everything from personal branding (think logo, blog banner, buttons, etsy banner, etc.) to portraits of you & a loved one (perfect for Valentines!) to just fun things like a kitty cat eating icecream and crying rainbows. (Someone please commission me to paint that for them. I would weep with joy & cut a huge discount, hah!) 
I also work in a few different mediums. Digital, pen and ink & then paint (with gouache) so it just depends on what kind of goodies you're looking for! & If you mention this post, or your buddy mentions this post, I'll happily include a bunch of fun goodies for you! xo
So hit me up via ziecampbell@gmail.com or leave your name and email below and we can talk about working together! 
Meanwhile, what's in your sketchbook/journal these days? Do you have anything you're just really proud of? I'd love to see & get links! xo 


  1. I love your drawing style and wish I was a dab hand a illustration like you! Depsite 7 years of Art College behind me, I'm not a natural illustrator!

  2. love your illustrations they are brilliant! such a great style!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. I'm sorry that you've hit a dry spell, January/February is a tough month so people usually keep their spending to an absolute minimum. Your works of art are beautiful, I'm sure the shop will pick up again soon!xx

  4. All your illos are so pretty Zie!! hehe! a 'kitty cat eating icecream and crying rainbows' sounds too amazing for words!!! You really need to draw that!! :)

  5. What beautiful sketch books!! Makes me want to go draw right now!

    Emma Xx

  6. lots of love babe, your work makes me smile on a rainy day! i suffer from depression and you blog cheers me up (corrny iknow :p) ive been doing art work for years myself and you really my inspiration. if you like i can do a blog post on you and try get your face around alittle bit more? let me no sweetie <3
    heather @ - www.butterflieshavesouls.blogspot.com xxx

  7. Plus-size girl is epic... and so true...

    Chrissy of crashbeauty.com


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