Saturday, February 8, 2014

Business Ideas, Exploding Brains & Kawaii Collages

You know those moments that just seem to explode in your brain & change something? I had one of those yesterday. After work, the lovely Jenna of Kitty Cat Stevens and I met up for coffee and a chat. We ended up there for a few hours & I'm so very, very glad that I'm getting to know her. She's just in general a lovely person & we kind of have a similar outlook on everything. We also both are in similar starting spots in our businesses with complimenting goals and plans. 
Which, of course, made for a lovely coffee-date. We've decided to try and meet regularly and be each other's accountability partners for business related things & I'll be quite honest with you, dear ones... I'm pretty sure I'm already gonna explode with ideas again. 
It's really nice to have someone in my area to bounce ideas off of. But now I'd like to bounce some of those ideas & things coming-soon off of you, darlings. Just to kind of let you know the goings-on behind the scenes business-y type stuffs, you know? 
By end next week, I plan on sharing my first class, Digital Scrapbooking. I've been making lots of silly 15 minute collages (like the one above) just to "sketch" if you will, and I'm getting so very excited to share everything with you guys. 
I also am in the research stages of a couple other projects. One is a bit top-secret for now ;) but the others are another class but one like a business/blogging/organization thing. & Then I'm also researching vloggers right now. 
And I'm sure you all already know what a vlogger is, but if you don't, they are video-bloggers. And I've recently become really interested in the idea and I'm thinking of possibly introducing a few videos just to see how I like it & how you like it. 
I'm thinking maybe next week sometime shooting a "what's in my bag" video, if you guys would be interested? It's been a long while since we've looked at any of my bags and I have quite a lot shoved into my bag right now, hah. 
Would that be something you'd be interested in, darlings? And if I do a few videos, do you have anything specific you'd like to see? Anything you're dying to know/ask/get more info on? 
And there's a bunch more floating around in my head right now, but I don't want to overwhelm either of us, haha. But do you see what I mean? I went from feeling very apathetic about business and everything to super inspired and charged back up. 
And all because a cup of coffee, a few free pastries (thanks, Starbucks!), and a lovely gal to chat with. Do you guys have someone you talk to about business/blogging/etc? Have you had a similar experience with something exploding in your brain? ;) 
I'd love to get some feedback on these ideas & see what you guys have to say! Let's chat, bebes xo 


  1. Ahhh, I'm so jealous!!! I want to meet you two for coffee! D:

    It's awesome that you're so motivated! I'm excited to see all the fun new exciting things you come up with with year. I'm always interested in videos from my fave bloggers--it's cool to see them in motion and hear their voices! :)

  2. I'm so very glad you had that little coffee date and are feeling both energized and inspired again! I would love to see some videos from you!

  3. Videos sound amazing, especially coming from you. I like what's in my bag videos a *bit* too much so I can't wait for that!


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