Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pretty in... Purple? A beauty products post

If you know me much at all, you'll be wondering why these are purple beauty products. I hate purple. Especially lilac-y type shades. Except for now, lately, I don't seem to be hating purple. I seem to be loving it. Especially those lilac-y type shades. Who knows? Maybe I'm destined to fall in love with everything I've ever hated. First it was pink & gold & glitter... I know you're shocked that I ever hated those three things... but I did. Ha!  
Anyway, with my sudden love of this shade, I wanted to share a few of my new favorite products. 
The bow is actually like a blue-lilac and just perfect. I snagged it at Forever 21 recently & I can see myself wearing it quite a lot over the next long while. 
Then we have the Tarte Natural Cheek Tint in Achiote that I'm absolutely in love with. I have no idea where it came from, I just found it in my makeup the other day when tossing some old products. But it's this creamy pinky-peachy color that you can easily build for more intense coloring or leave light for a barely there look. It's wonderful for this end of winter, start of spring mix. This is my first Tarte product & I wonder if they are all so nice? Have you used any of their things? What's your favorite?
Next is Rimmel Moisture Renew #140 Dreamy. It's soft, shimmery and just a darling amount of rose-dust-pink. I'm really into this with the bright cheeks & dramatic eyes right now. Maybe I'll share a daily make up tutorial soon, if you guys would like that? 
And if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you know that Bryan surprised me with this beautiful nail polish last week.(Because I was having a bad day & he saw on my twitter a few days before that I wanted one! DAW)  You're Such a Budapest from O.P.I. I'm usually not a huge fan of O.P.I., actually. But this color is perfect & goes on pretty nice, making me think that they possibly altered their formula or brushes since I last used them? Dunno, but I'm loving this one. 
And then, the little dancer girl tweezers aren't actually new. But I just found her again, hah. She's from Target's dollar section last year, but I've seen her in the make up section once or twice, so maybe you can still snag her! xo 
But what are your favorite products right now? I find myself getting really excited about beauty products lately & I'd love to see what you'd recommend? xo 


  1. I love that polish! and I've always wanted to try tarte's products. I'm on a makeup ban for the time being, though!

  2. All so pretty! And a tutorial of your daily makeup would be interesting! :)

  3. You hated pink, gold, and glitter because it was a slight rebellion against your mom. :)
    I have been drawn to lavenders for about the past year, but I actually loved them when I was a teenager, my entire room was lavender. Yep, curtains, bedding, maybe even walls? Ha. So while I am drawn to the color again, it is on a much more scaled down version.

  4. So happy to finally be following your wonderful blog. <3 I mailed off a letter for you yesterday so hopefully it will reach you soon. xoxo


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