Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Home Office Make Over: Pink, Black, Cream & So, So Cute!

Dream Office

Dream Office by ziedarling 

I've been really excited about reworking my home office/studio lately. I started trying (still working on it) spring cleaning & realized I hadn't properly sat and worked in my office in months. I had piles of papers, supplies, and just a bunch of crap piled up, taking over the entire space. And I started trying to figure out why I didn't work in there more often. 
My first answer easily being my office chair. It's a cute, modern thing that I ordered from Amazon. Again, very cute, not very comfortable. (see pretty uncomfortable, actually.) But chairs are expensive and not easily replaced. So for now, I've moved that chair to the living room and one of my wing-backed chairs to the office. Not a great solution, but the only one I have for now. 
Ok, so that's taken care of, now what? I sat around looking at the walls, the shelves, and my desk. Everything was packed full of stuff. Cutesy, bright, really colorful stuff. Some of it was useful (like organizers and pens) and some of it was just decoration. I've always been a "organized clutter" type of gal and I could see where it may have originally fit under that description. 
But it had evolved and morphed into a catch all for any and everything I found that I liked or that people gave me. There was no filter, just stuff. So it had become very overwhelming. So overwhelming that I really wasn't fond of working in there anymore. And I'm pretty sure if my iMac wasn't in there, I wouldn't have for who knows how long. 
Enter: cutting back. I'm pretty sure we are all going to be seeing a pattern in my life right now, which is simplify and focus. I've just gotten to a point in my life where that's exactly what I need and exactly what makes me happy. 
So with that in mind, I'm slowly going through and reworking the room. It's taking longer then I would like (midterms, budget, etc.) but already I'm so much happier in there. Now, I've been working mostly in my office and a little on my laptop in my living room. And once I get a nice, comfy office chair, I think I'll be living in my office, hah. 
I'll do a tour of my new office once it's finished, but for now let's look at all the pretty inspiration for cutting back, slowing down and focusing. 
Have you started spring cleaning? What's your most neglected room? I'd love to hear all about it! xo 


  1. simplify and focus.
    two words that I need in my life right now!

    i know all about an uncomfortable computer chair!! infront of our computer is a chair from our kitchen table which is great for eating breakfast/reading the newspaper on but not for long periods of time. we've had a cushion on it but that is not really fixing the problem. the only reason why i don't want to buy a new chair is because this one is pretty. haha! i love our kitchen table + chairs set and this chair is so pretty but not comfy :( ....... that whole paragraph was just a round about way of saying i know your pain and i hope you get a more comfortable chair asap :)

    i hope you'll share photos after your done re-decorating. i love your style + the little things you surround yourself with!!

    happy cleaning zie

    ps i loooooooove your inspiration board!! xo

  2. I've been dying for that book but love to see re-decorating picks! I can't wait until I'm out on my own and able to live in a space that is actually my own. Plants are great! They boost productivity.

    Chrissy of

  3. The gold polka dot stickers we bought you for Christmas would look gorgeous on those pink walls, and fall in nicely with this new plan. :)
    Oh, and that lamp that Grandpa made would be gorgeous painted gold. (or pale pink)...and all you would need would be a pretty shade.
    Spray paint is a girl's best friend when decorating on the cheap. Paint makes everything new and better.

  4. I am in need of some inspiration as well and I loooove your board!


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