Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Be Happy, a vlog.

Hello there, darlings! I'm excited to say that I finally got another vlog up! YAY! I have been recording these off and on & obviously haven't uploaded them. The editing process is a bit tricky and obviously, it takes a lot of time. Though, I think as I do more videos, I'm getting better & hopefully eventually I'd like to have one a week. 
But anyway, this is in a direct response to this post where I talk about depression and struggling with that. It's just a silly thing that actually helps me out a lot and I hope it helps anyone else who's dealing with these kinds of things as well. 
Please let me know if you like the video & if you could give it a thumbs up, that'd be great. & If you really like it or want to see more videos, please subscribe to my channel! Thanks so much! 
Here's to fighting our way to a happier place one unicorn at a time! BOOM <3 


  1. gah!! Zie you can not possibly be any cuter!!! I love this vlog!
    All your little happy odds + ends are so cute!!
    I love the way you describe Pride and Prejudice! I completely agree with you on how prefect it is!!
    YES!! When I fall in love with a movie I will watch it so many times in a row till i have it memorized + have driven everyone insane around me!! :) ie City of Bones!! (GREAT FILM!!!) (As is Wreck it Ralph!)
    oooooooo!!! I'm so happy that you love that little pillow I stitched up for you!!! xoxo
    Those little Polly Pockets + unicorns are magical and your cat is too cute for words!!! xoxoxo

  2. A lovely video made me smile xx

  3. I couldn't tell what the first book was. Can you tell me please? I only have A MILLION books, haha. But if it's one that invokes happy feelings than I would love to take a look at it.

  4. That was lovely!
    And I agree, surrounding myself with things that are really nice and special has helped me too. Especially now that I live by myself and had the chance to decorate my own apartment:)
    And I have some books and movies that never fail to make me happy either:
    Old Magic by Marianne Curley (which is a romance novel about a teenage underdog-type-girl that is also a witch and meets the new kid in school that has a curse on him, so they travel to the middle ages to lift it. It sounds horrible, I know, but somehow it is really really lovely!)
    And Unlikely Friendships, which is a book with short true stories and pictures of friendships between animals of different species.
    As for movies, I love the Homeward Bound films, sister act 1+2, Under the Tuscan Sun. Oh, the Cosby Show!
    Music also helps. I love India Arie's music because it is both uplifting melody wise as well as inspiring through its words. And Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter:)


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