Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life Lately: According to Instagram

Hello, there! Do you remember me? I'm supposed to blog here in these parts. Oops, I'm sorry! Well, let me catch us up to speed & then I'd love to hear what you have been doing while I've been away. 
First: I finally went to the doctor to see about possibly going on medication temporarily to bounce out of this depression. Which, if you know me at all, you know that's a huge deal. I hardly ever take anything for anything. But sometimes, it's ok to ask for & get help. 
Second: I've been taking care of myself a lot lately. I have at least one pamper evening a week now, usually on Sundays. I'm calling them my #selfcaresundays heh. 
Also along those same lines, I've been going out with friends and my mom to get me out of the house & social again. Which is why I went to my very first hockey game this week! SO fun!  I've also been eating a lot of frozen yogurt :D & a bunch more veggies & other healthy things, so I don't feel even kinda bad about the frozen yogurt. 
Third: I found the happiest place on earth: Kate Spade's shop. I'm pretty sure they are all lovely (how could they not be?) but I've only been to the one here in Nashville, and I just love it. It's rapidly becoming my Tiffany's from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Nothing bad could ever really happen to you in a place like Kate Spade. 
Also: bangs. I brought the bangs back. I'm still trying to figure out a hair style I'm into & I'm not 100% that the bangs are it, but we'll see. It's been fun so far, at least. 
Now what about you, my dearest ones? How have you been? I can't wait to hear all about it all! I've missed you <3 


  1. Oh goodness, all these photos are lovely. I need to find a local Kate Spade shop. (probably not likely) But it's so adorable!

  2. I'm feeling that idea for #selfcaresundays (Y)

  3. I still totally adore that photo of Napoleon looking into the tub. So cute.
    Glad to hear you're taking good care of yourself and also going out and having some fun. It's good for you.
    You got this, I know you do.

  4. I have recently fallen for the Kate Spade shop too! It's almost becoming too much for my bank account.


  5. WHY am I not following you on IG yet?
    (probably because everytime you post about it OH yeah I'm gonna add her and then promptly forget :P)

    anyway such good news and I really hope the meds for work out for ya babe!

  6. *swoon* I LOVE that seafoam green couch!!
    Your bangs are too cute for words!!
    I seriously can not wait till our tub gets fixed so I can finally take baths again!! (It's been broken since August!!) :(
    Your little kitty!!! :D
    I'm so proud of you for eating healthy things!! I've been trying to be better but sweet treats keep finding me!! Whoops!


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