Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Patterns for Spring: simple, poppy & floral.

patterns for spring 2014

patterns for spring 2014 by ziedarling featuring a striped t shirt
I've always been a fan of pattern. It can be silly, sassy, flirty or just all around awe-inspiring. Which is why, this Spring I've been rocking at least one pattern everyday. (Or two or three if I'm really feeling froggy!) My favorites? 
Simple black & white's:
I'm really into stripes & delicate black and white right now. Like really into it. Especially when paired with a zingy color like those citrus shoes (which are also fabulously patterned!). There's just something about simple black & white that really brings Spring in with a lovely softness. 
Pops of color:
I can go either way on this one: citrus pops or candy colored dresses. But an all over patterned color is just the thing for pulling in the freshness of Spring and finally saying goodbye to the darks & drabs of Winter. 
Let's be real for a second. There's never a time of year where I'm not just ecstatic about floral prints. But for Spring, try something different like an exotic-themed print. 
Do you have any favorite patterns for this Spring? Do you ever double (or even triple!) up on your prints? I'd love to hear what you are planning for your Spring wardrobe! xo 


  1. That dress is SO darling! xo

  2. I really love the pink dress! :)

  3. I'm inlove the dress! <3 I love your blog too, stay amazing girl :)


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