Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the Spring Fling: A makeup haul for your Winter to Spring transition

   So I've finally joined the rest of the hemisphere in being excited for Spring. I wasn't for a while, as I really do love winter. But I've finally hit my enough point, heh! And with that, I've started warming up my make-up pallet too. 
   During the Winter, I wear a lot of red lipstick, smoky eyes, you know, the heavy stuff. But Spring, for me, always means pinks, peaches & everything light. Which is where the goodies I have for you today come in. 
+First up on my eyes list is this wonderful mascara I found recently. It's Too Faced "Size Queen".  It's got the most enormous brush ever that makes me feel like I'm using a tarantula to apply my mascara. (Not something I'd ever actually want near my face, trust me.) But in this case, it's actually quite fun. It also goes on pretty well & is a nice, rich black. I haven't had any problems with clumps & it's not too insane on price. Plus, let's talk about how happy I am to finally be carrying around something this cute! That pink! 
+ Next on my eyes list, is just your standard eyelash curler. I guess in the scheme of things, this should be first on my list... But anyway, you can get any of them that you find. This one was like fifty cents, but I have another one (somewhere) that was $10, so just depends. PRO TIP: Want even more intensely curly eyelashes? Heat it up a bit with your hair dryer! I'd say maybe 30 seconds, then let it cool for 10-15 second, then curl! This also is perfect for those who don't really wear mascara but still want your lashes to pop. 
+Then, last on my eyes list: Eyeko "eye do" eyeliner! I only recently stumbled on this & I'm already hooked. I used to use the Benefit liquid liner, but I never really could get the thickness I was looking for. The Eyeko liquid liner is perfect! I have the waterproof, carbon black one (not sure if there are others?) and I adore it. I'm pretty sure this has now become my favorite eyeliner to date. You can wear it thick or pretty thin. And to me, a little cat eye goes year round :) 
+ Benefit will always have my heart. I use a bunch of their products & especially their foundations/face goodies. They have one of the best ivory foundations I've ever found in an affordable brand. I use their liquid & powder, but especially in the Spring and Summer, I go with more powder, less liquid (if any). It covers nice, has an O.K. stay power and is just all around lovely. The one I use for my super pale pink-undertoned skin is "I love me" Ivory. 
+I have recently discovered I actually own quite a few blushers but nearly all of them are peachy-pink in coloring. No idea why I've done that. But I'm currently using and loving NYX Baked Blush in BBL05 Foreplay  I like the color for Spring & feel that it's poppy enough to be flirty and fun, but can be soft enough to feel classic and delicate. So basically, it wins no matter what you're looking for. 
+We've already discussed in length my burning passion for lipstick, but I've finally found a gloss that I'm actually happy with, yay! Plot twist: It's ELF lipstain & gloss in Lucky Lady. It's again, pretty peachy-pink (are you picking up my theme here?) and is pretty nice. Especially at the price point! It's $3 and ELF is just awesome all around. The stain goes on like lipgloss, and kind of does what LimeCrime's lipstains do in the fact that it turns into an almost matte lipstick. & The gloss isn't the best I've ever used, but when used very lightly, just to finish the look, it's quite nice and not really sticky. And did I mention that it's $3? 
That wraps up my go-to look for this Winter to Spring transition right now! I'd love to hear your thoughts and what products you use during the transition? Are you as peachy-pink obsessed as I am? xo 


  1. Ohhh, that mascara looks lovely! Cute collection!

    xx MaDonna

  2. I've heard such great things about NYX blushers. That one is a gorgeous colour!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. I'm always peachy pink obsessed.
    You know that you can use that Nyx blush wet for a more pigmented intense color, right? Because it's a baked product, you can get them wet, and then they dry right back to normal.
    Too faced always has the cutest packaging, don't they?

  4. really cute little haul! loving the look of the nyx blush <3 x

  5. I wanna see that ELF lip stain on you!!

  6. I'm totally going to have to try the elf lip gloss!! Thanks for the info Zie!


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