Friday, May 30, 2014

Crowned Jewels: Lovely Links & Things to Share

THIS WEEKEND promises to be the kind of weekend where you bunker down, shutter the doors & windows, turn off your phone and get as much done as possible. I have so many projects to work on. Some are simply following their schedule; others--well, I've neglected some things, let's just go with that. So while I'll probably not be turning off my cellphone, I will be locking myself in. I'm sure I'm not the only one, so I've rounded up some hopefully helpful goodies to share with you all.
If you'd like to share something for next week's round up, let me know! Otherwise, let me know which of these you like/don't like, please. I'm planning on doing these more regularly now. 

Hope your weekend is lovely, fine-weathered and productive, darlings! 

Zite: for slightly cleaner, custom news. I'm particularly fond of the science channel.
Acompli: the smartest email application available for free. Simply brilliant. 
Refresh: kinda creepy, kinda helpful. It helps you prepare for meetings.  
Sunrise: a smarter, cleaner calendar that pulls in all of your calendars into one place.  
Todoist: to do list maker, project manager, beautifully designed.  

Blogging: Why you should approach your blog like a publication.
Notes on Happiness: How making your bed can actually make you happier.
Millennials: Stop complaining, we're engaged. 
Science: Big Bang? Maybe not. 



  1. Making my bed is the FIRST piece of housework I always do. Even if I don't do much else, just having a made bed and no dirty dishes in the sink makes it so much easier to relax and feel like I have a handle on things.

  2. I have always told you to make your bed. Ha.
    Seriously though, i hate getting into an unmade bed as much as I hate seeing an unmade bed. I will straighten my bed at night before I get into it if it happens to be messy. But making my bed, and having things tidy ALWAYS makes me feel better. So I 100% agree with that one!
    I will check out that link for the news channel as well. I might be interested in the news if I could avoid politics, celebrities, and death and gloom. :)
    Hope you have a super productive, but also relaxing weekend. Perhaps rather than shut yourself in, take some of your work to the park? That way you can enjoy as well as work.

  3. Zie, lady, I gotta say your new blog layout is so gaddamn beautiful. I hope you have a great, productive weekend!


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