Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life Lately: Nashville is so pretty & Our anniversary

 I've been a bad blogger lately, I know! But hear me out! Finals are over, yay for that, but now I'm working my two internships & working on a couple projects which are keeping me pretty busy. And to top all of that, this is my last "summer" before I graduate college, so I'm doing my best to have as much fun as possible. But I'm trying to balance blogging back in, because frankly, my dears, I've really miss your faces.
Let's catch up shall we? 
+ Celebrating graduation & birthdays with my dearest friends at some odd bars in Nashville. The Crying Wolf was pretty interesting, I'll say. And of course, my favorite: Red Door East. 
+Starting both of my new internships & having an excuse to wear blazers nearly every day.
+Really bad allergies & a cold
+Getting to work on a pretty awesome (top secret!) project that I reallllly cannot wait to talk to you all about! I mean, I got to hangout on a rooftop where I had that beautiful view! What more can you ask for?
+Celebrating one year with that handsome fella.
+Going on a whole day adventure including: the Jack Daniel's tour out in Lynchburg (that was surprisingly a ton of fun!), a trip to my apartment's pool, drinking entirely too many slushies, and him cooking my dad's recipe for my favorite dinner & setting up a little picnic in the living room with candles, wine & scary movies. <3
What have you been up to, my darlings? Let's chat! xo


  1. pfftt sounds like you had an awesome time don't worry about being a bad blogger :D congrats on your anniversary you two look really cute together!

  2. Glad you guys had a good anniversary! I love that he made you a living room picnic complete with scary movies. Reminds me a little of your Dad that way. :)
    Hope your allergies/cold gets better soon.
    Also love the city scape of Nashville. Grandpa was just telling me how he thinks it's funny you ended up in Nashville when you were always attracted to it and "the batman building" when you were a little girl. (but he did think you should move back to Knoxville after graduation. ha. )

  3. That sounds like an amazing anniversary celebration. I had my one year a few months back and what better excuse then to do some fun, new and adventurous things with your love!


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